Why Did Andy Samberg Change His Name

Andy Samberg has gained mammoth fanfare since SNL to Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

While the actor is an open book about his experiences on and off set, his fans still wonder about things.

For example, his name is somehow befuddling. Andy is not short for Andrew.

Also, this shortened moniker is a part of the Hollywood trademark. It’s not like he is one of those stiff Hollywood studs.

On the contrary, he is a down-to-earth individual that would wave back at you!

Yet, fans still wonder where Andy came from and why he changed his name!

Samberg was born in California and studied at the University of California, Berkeley. He picked up several instruments from a young age, including drums and guitar. He was just as studious about his music career!

In 2003 Samberg joined The Lonely Island with friends Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone. Soon, the trio released their first album, Incredibad.

It was not long before they skyrocketed to fame with Saturday Night Live!

However, Samberg has broken out on his own since Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Nowadays, he mainly focuses on acting but still enjoys music in his free time. His band, The Lonely Island, is currently working on a new album.


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Lonely Island Beginnings

The Lonely Island met at college, where they used to hang out and make comedy videos. They also had a serious music career for about ten years before Saturday Night Live brought them fame!

However, the group eventually ran out of steam and disbanded in 2005.

Samberg then started working with Jorma Taccone on a new album that would be called Incredibad. The record was released under Lonely Island Records (which is now defunct) and became their breakthrough success!

From thereon, it appears Samberg’s name went through a series of changes. In fact, he changed his name twice since The Lonely Island broke up!

Andy Samberg’s Name Changes

As mentioned above, Andy himself has said that his full legal name is Andrew Samuel Peter Schaffer.

However, everyone in the entertainment business knows him as Andy Samberg! This includes everybody from Saturday Night Live to his family.

The Lazy Sunday Legacy

It’s been years since The Lonely Island first made their hilarious rap video for “Lazy Sunday,” which went viral on YouTube. But people still reference it.

The former name changes have become a joke in itself! He legally changed his name to Andy Samberg in both cases because The Lonely Island became too much of a mouthful.

Samberg is a versatile actor and musician, but his name has not been the only change he had to undergo. For example, he also went from being a rapper to joining Saturday Night Live’s sketch comedy show!

Why Did Andy Samberg Change His Name

Andy Samberg decided to change his name from David to Andy when he was just five! The comedian didn’t like the name “David,” and he changed it.

Since then, his name has been Andy.

Andy Samberg Net Worth

As of 2021, Andy Samberg has a net worth of $20 million. He’s been a successful musician, an actor, and even a comedian!

Andy Samberg is probably best known for his work on Saturday Night Live from 2005 to 2012.

He was one of the longest-serving cast members before leaving the show in 2012! His departure came as a shock to many fans because it seemed as if he had a bright future with the show.

However, Samberg has been seen as Detective Jake Peralta on Brooklyn Nine-Nine from 2013 to 2019! He’s also been in several movies and music videos throughout his career. For instance, he co-wrote and appeared in The Lonely Island’s first two albums: Incredibad and Turtleneck & Chain.

The Lonely Island is still very active, even though Samberg has decided to focus on acting! They’re currently working on their third album, which should be released shortly.

Andy Samberg Wife

The famous comedian is married to Joanna Newsom. The couple met and got married four years later, in 2013, after dating for five years.

Samberg has on numerous occasions said that he’s become more like his wife than ever before. He also said that having a child has changed him for the better and brought out the best in him!

Andy Samberg continues to be one of the most revered actors in Hollywood. He will only get better with time!