Who Is Taye Diggs Wife? All We Know

When a couple chooses to go separate after getting married among friends and relatives, it becomes sad, and the situation worsens when they have children. 

That is what happened to Taye Diggs.

After finalizing tying the knot with Idina Menzel, they divorced and moved on to their new relationships.

At least they agree on the need to cater to their son, Walker, giving him the support needed to deal with life.

Is Taye Diggs Married?

No, he doesn’t have a wife. However, he have an ex-wife and and has been in several relationships after the divorce.

Idina Menzel

No one can refute Diggs’s and Menzel’s love for theater and acting. 

Taye and Idina met in 1995 while performing in a musical theater known as Rent.

They did not date until 2003.

Many did not know much about them after they met and how they went into being a couple.

The two decided to get married in the same year after many years of friendship.

Many stated they were a perfect couple since they met at work and are in love with film and theater. 

In 2009, news broke out that the couple welcomed their first and only child.

Idina stated that she was pregnant from the day they chose to start a love relationship.

They chose to name their child Walker Nathaniel. 

The Divorce

According to the actors’ representatives, the two decided to separate with the process beginning in 2013.

A conclusion to go separate was reached in 2014, and the two decided to take care of their son jointly.

Many reached out to the actor after the divorce.

In one interview, Diggs said they maintained a positive relationship because Walker was their objective.

He was amused when he saw Walker get excited about seeing his mother sing the national anthem or when he listened to her song Let It Go. 

The actor admitted that the song also helped him deal with life. 

The song taught him to leave the past and move on. 

When Idina and her cast members celebrated the release of Cinderella on Carpool Karaoke, she admitted that Taye still acted as a husband.

She admitted that the actor was helpful when she practiced her lines in a theater or movie project.

She went on to state that she still loved him.

The couple revealed that they wanted their son to enjoy life as much as he could, and Taye went on to state that he wished he could follow his dream instead of pursuing his parents’ profession. 

It took a while before the actor was ready to move on.

His dedication to his son was one of the reasons that prevented him from finding new love.

Walker asked his father to give his word that he would refrain from finding a new lady after he separated from Idina.

After some time, he gained his son’s trust and chose to go searching.

Amanza Smith

His next lover was Amanza Smith.

In an interview, the actor gave Amanza’s family the chance to rebuild their lives.

Smith was in a relationship with ex-NFL superstar Ralph Brown, which was hectic.

The former star failed to provide for his family since he wasted all the money after he retired from the league.

Amanza and Diggs dated for five years, and in that time, he gave her family the support and resources to survive and become independent.

She is doing well with an online fashion company and other businesses.

Apryl Jones

Diggs then proceeded to date hip-hop artist Apryl Jones.

The two had a lovely time together and even posted pictures on Instagram.

They posted a video that took their fans by storm as they hoped they would quickly announce their new relationship. 

After the video, the two went out for a date night, fueling the rumors.

They disappeared for a while before appearing in the actor’s film, Incarnation. 

They looked like a couple since Diggs did not let go of the rapper’s hand.