Who is Sarah Jade? All About Bustista’s Ex-Wife

You have heard Sarah Jade being linked to Dave Bautista whenever she is introduced? Well, that should not be the case. Sarah has her introduction that is accorded to her success that she has gained through pole dancing. Once you finish reading, your perception of Sarah’s introduction will change.

Early life and family, and education  

She was born on December 12, 1987, in Tampa, Florida. Despite much of her family life being limited to the public domain, all which is known is that she is the only child to her parents. Similarly, she is from a middle-class family. Despite engaging in pole dancing, Sarah managed to earn a degree in sociology at the University of South Florida.

Even though her family has no background in pole dancing, she chose to give it a dice, which she started as a self-taught dancer. Sarah’s interest in starting pole dancing was propelled when she worked as a bartender in a strip club at the age of 18. With the help of YouTube videos, she perfected her skills as a hobby, though. 

Sarah’s Career

Taking her pole dancing skills professional, began after graduation. With the help of her teacher Zoraya Judd, she successfully went through her dancing classes since Judd is a pole dancer pro and aerial pole performer. Sarah has won many titles through her pole dancing skills: in 2012, she won the athletic award in the Florida pole dancing fitness championship, and in 2013, she won another athletic award. These two consecutive wins gave her fast popularity as a rising pole dancer.

Sarah as an entrepreneur

Having unmatched skills in pole dancing, she converted it into business. Currently, she is the proud owner of the aerial studio called ‘Buttercup Pole Dance.’ The Tampa Bay, Florida-based studio has attracted many students. Sarah also sells merchandise related to pole dancing. In addition, she has spent much of her time at her studio promoting pole dancing to interested students.

What is her relationship and marriage?

You almost mentioned Dave Bautista, right? They already divorced in 2019. It was all over when they fell in love since Dave had two failed marriages already. The two fitness enthusiasts did not care about their age gap, which is nearly 20 years. Well, they say that age is just a number. Sarah married Dave on 0ctober 2015. It was common to see them post each other on social media.  The curiosity of their separation came up when they stopped posting each other. Later on, Sarah made it public about their separation when he posted another guy/lover on social media. The name of the guy is not known yet. Sarah has also earned much of her money through paid partnerships as well as sponsorships on her social media pages.

Net worth

Sarah has a net worth of more than $200,000 as of 2021. Her primary source of income is her active career as a pole dancer.

Sarah Jade is a strong woman fighting for her name rather than depending on her man’s success. Right from being a bartender at 18 to becoming a pole dance pro. Today she has a business to her name.  Her break-up with Dave Bautista did not pull her down. 

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