Who Is Max Nichols Rachel Nichols’ Husband? All You Need to Know

His latest movie in 2014, titled Two Night Stand, might have been a blockbuster hit, but Max Nichols is not the type to go round beating his chest on social media.

In fact, he prefers to keep a low profile with internet life.

Have you seen him commenting on the last years drama surrounding his wife, Rachel?

Yes, Max Nichols is famous. But who is this guy that keeps rocking the red carpet alongside TV presenter Rachel Nichols?

Max is an American Hollywood director and producer based in Los Angeles. He is the son of the legendary American film and theatre director Mike Nichols, best known for coordinating the 1967 film The Graduate.

Did you know that Mike won an Oscar for Best Director for the image? You’d be surprised that he was designated for a similar honor on three different occasions.

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Max follows in his Father’s Footsteps

He was born on December 23, 1973. Max was brought up by his dad Mike Nichols and mom Annabel Davis-Goff. Annabel is an Irish writer and the first of Nichol’s three wives.

However, Mike was shortly married to Margo Callas before he tied the knot with the news anchor Diane Sawyer in 1988. Sadly, Mike died at the age of 83 in 2014. 

Enough with too much history — let’s talk about Max Nichols, shall we?

Surprisingly, out of his siblings Jenny Nichols (stepbrother) and sister, Max seems to be the only one who chose to take to the film industry as his father. Like father, like son, that’s what they say, right?

The 47-year old is famous for producing the ongoing TV series Day 5 (2016) and rom-com Two Night Stand (2014). Besides, Max’s sense of fashion and hairstyles is something else if you look at his pictures. He seems to be very fond of the style.

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Life with Rachel Nichols 

On the other side of life, we’d say Max did find a great partner in Rachel Michele Nichols. Rachel is an American sports broadcaster who is currently a television host for ESPN.  

Max and Rachel met in their teens, and heavy.com reports that it was during a summer camp in Maine. They have been married for over two decades now after tying the knot during a Jewish ceremony in New York on May 25, 2001.

Do they have children?

The couple shares two daughter twins, but not much about them is available on Rachel’s Instagram. 

Rachel Nichols’ Career Drama

Rachel has worked for CNN and currently hosts a weekly NBA discussion, The Jump. While lots of people have heaped praise on the renowned journalist for her tough-talking approach to interviews, her career has not been spared by critics either. 

An anonymous person seemed to have leaked Rachel’s call with LeBron James’ PR advisor Adam Mendelsohn. Rachel was heard saying co-host Maria Taylor, who is black, got the lucrative gig at the 2020 NBA Finals because of “diversity.” 

The call leak caused a massive outrage as Rachel’s life was being dissected across news outlets globally. Unfortunately, she lost her job as a sideline reporter. Instead, ESPN chose to replace her with Black sports reporter and journalist Malika Andrews. Rachel is set to continue hosting The Jump, though. 

There have also been rumors from an outlet named Jordan Thrilla that did an article reporting about Nichols having intimate relationship with Jimmy Butler.

In addition, the article also explained that there was a video tape featuring both Butler and Nichols.

The video leaked from the NBA bubble hotel room. 

Max Targeted on Twitter over Rachel’s Career Drama?

Despite all the drama surrounding Rachel Nichols and the scandalous sex tape, his husband Max has yet to comment. But critics on Twitter have not spared Max.

He has been targeted on Twitter, where trolls have made him a laughing stock after the Butler-Nichols rumors made a comeback.