Who is Matt Kaplan? Everything You Need to Know

Matt Kaplan is a household name in the entertainment industry. He made his way into fame as a movie producer and is renowned for his stylings in Dance Camp, I Still Love You, Before I fall, and much more.

You might also remember the Jewish movie producer because of his controversial relationship with Clair Holt. The two separated back in 2017 due to personal issues. Currently, the producer is married to Alexandra Copper, a podcaster with Pennsylvania Comedy. They tied the knot in February 2021.

But just how much do you know about the Dance Camp producer? Is there more to him than meets the eye? Keep reading to find out more about Matt Kaplan.

Matt Kaplan Weight, Height, and Age

Matt Kaplan was born on the 28th of July, 1986, making him 37 years now. He stands at about 5 ft 9 inches (179 cm) and weighs about 65Kg.

Where Did Matt Kaplan Go To School?

Matt studied film studies at Columbia University. This formed the background for his future career as a film producer.

Matt Kaplan Net Worth and Career Highlights

Kaplan’s career in entertainment began when he started as a student director for Onyx Theatre Company back in his college years. His first movie production came to light with the release of Dance Camp back in 2016. The movie made more than $100 million worldwide, earning him both fame and fortune.

Kaplan founded Chapter One Films in 2013, after which he joined Awesomeness TV in 2015. Since then, he has produced several movies and TV shows such as The Lazarus Effect, Before I Fall, Perfect Date, and many more. Besides film production, Matt is also an entrepreneur.

Currently, the renowned producer is the founder and CEO of Ace Entertainment, a high-rated production company. According to Wealthy Celebrity, Kaplan has a net worth of about $7 million.

Ace Entertainment is dedicated to making and producing feature films. The company also has immense success producing series and other entertainment performances. Kaplan’s company majorly targets the younger audience with many teenage drama productions.     

Matt Kaplan Relationships

Back in 2014, Matt Kaplan became romantically involved with Clair Holt. Since their days studying acting together at New York University’s Tisch School, the two had known each other. Holt and Kaplan became engaged in 2015, and the news spread on Instagram like wildfire. But they decided to end things after only one year due to personal differences.

Matt and Alexandra Copper tied the knot in February 2021 after dating for a much longer time than Clair Holt. The two share amazing chemistry on screen, especially when it comes to acting together.

Their ability to reel in their audience made them mainstays within both Hollywood and mainstream industry.

How is Matt Kaplan and Alexandra Copper’s marriage?

Kaplan’s marriage life has been smooth sailing ever since tying the knot with Alexandra Copper. Copper co-hosts podcast Pennsylvania Comedy which features personalities from all walks of life discussing trending issues within their respective communities. Kaplan’s wife shares posts about her husband Matt regularly, especially on their joint Instagram account.

Matt is very supportive of everything she does and usually joins her on set whenever they have a new episode. They currently reside together at Kaplan’s Mansion, located in Beverly Hills, California.

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More about Matt Kaplan

The Hollywood producer was always interested in production work from a young age. His interest pushed him to content creation and recording short videos. Talk of chasing the dream!

Also, when he was in high school, he joined YouTube and began recording short videos with his friends. This advanced his liking for the field, and he learned a lot.

Did you know that Matt worked as an assistant at Lionsgate? Well, now you know.

Thanks to his YouTube channel, the company offered him a small position. Matt worked hard. Through sheer intrepidity and hard work, he became the YA content in charge. This helped him understand the genre better.

And Matt might just be more famous than you thought- he was a member of the team that created The Hunger Games!

Matt Kaplan has gained a lot of popularity from his various works in production. He has earned both fame and fortune from the venture (at a very young age). Kaplan is truly an inspiration to chase your dreams because they might not be out of reach!