Who is Jeremy Hutchins

In today’s world of social media and the internet, a new crop of entertainers and influencers has emerged. They are called social media personalities and as seen from the vast number of people entering the field, it is a lucrative form of self-employment. One such person is Jeremy Hutchins, ever wondered who he is, read more to find out below.

Jeremy Hutchins,the YouTube celebrity is a charming, successful social media star who rose to prominence after creating his self-titled channel on YouTube. His fan base is referred to as the Hutch Gang. He used to post about pranks, insane, and other categories of videos on YouTube.

It was not a quick trip that enabled him to be successful on YouTube, but Tiktok and Instagram are also among the top. He takes credit for his success due to his tenacity and original content for years. As a result, he is currently at the top of the game.

His ability to amass a large following on social media platforms earned him entry into Amp World (Digital content studio), where he is a member. He’s pals with other internet celebrities such as Lexi Rivera, Brent Rivera, the Stoke Twins, Ben Azelart, Andrew Davila, Dom Brack, and many more.

Born on April 19, 2013 in Ohio to parents Elza and Steve Huytchins, Jeremy Hutchins is 18 years old now. He was also raised in Ohio and shares a deep connection with them as seen from his many photo and video posts online. Jeremy is an only child and thus is given extreme attention by his parents. He completed his high school education at the Badger High School.He is an American citizen and a Christian by faith.

Personal Life

Mr. Hutchins has an attractive personality and a flourishing internet career. However, it appears that he is single right now. He’s never spoken about his dating life on any social media platform. Meanwhile, there is no confirmation from the fans or media side regarding his love life.

It appears that he is interested in pursuing a professional career. As a result, he would not want to be in a relationship at all. In the future, however, only he knows what his plans are on that front.


Jeremy Hutchins’ youth was typical, like that of any other random teenager who goes to school and participates in extracurricular activities during his or her free time. However, the desire or enthusiasm for becoming a social media celebrity began with the creation of his or her Youtube channel.

He launched a self-titled Youtube channel in 2015, where he published videos about different genres of pranks, insane videos, Lifestyle, Vlogs, and other stuff. Things were not progressing for him at the beginning but he has now gained over two million followers.

At the age of 13, when Jeremy had a large number of subscribers on Youtube, he created an account on Tiktok. It’s possible it was several weeks after creating a Youtube channel. On Tiktok, he formerly produced lip-sync, comedic, and prank videos. He currently has about 9 million followers on Tiktok.

He subsequently established an Instagram profile as a result of its strong authority among social media influencers. That is why he became an influencer on the same platform. Surprisingly, his Instagram account has almost 2 million active followers. Nowadays, he is working hard to build his fan base and obtain several opportunities in terms of fame and money.

Jeremy Hutchins Net worth

Jeremy Hutchins’ net worth is roughly $800,000. He has amassed this sizable sum from his Youtube channel and other social media platforms. He typically makes money through Google Ad revenue. By promoting items and services on his social media accounts, Jeremy earns a considerable amount of money, making him wealthy at such a young age.

Who is Jeremy Hutchins

Jeremey Hutchins is a well-known social media personality.

He is a good friend of Lexi Rivera, Brent Rivera, the Stoke Twins, Ben Azelart, Andrew Davila, Dom Brack, Sofie Doosi, and many more. He is a big food lover with his preference being Spanish cuisines. His hobbies are Photography, Dancing, and Traveling withSwitzerland being his favorite destination.

Hutchins also loves watching movies with his favourite actors being Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt while Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is his favorite actress.