Who is Jennette Mccurdy’s Boyfriend?

Jennette McCurdy has always provided fans with glimpses into her relationships. 

The actress who recently quit social media prefers to use Instagram to promote her podcast, Empty Inside.

In an interview with Vulture in 2015, the actress talked about her love life and said she felt she was learning to love and accept love for her personality and an “impressive version of herself.”

At the time, the former Nickelodeon star was dating Jesse Carere.

She admitted that she learned to be whatever character people wanted her to be when she was young. 

Many wonder whether McCurdy is still in a relationship.

The actress is currently single but let us look at her previous love life.

Graham Patrick Martin

Martin is an actor from New Orleans and is famous for acting as Elridge McElroy in Two and a Half Men.

McCurdy and Graham dated from 2004 to 2008.

Their relationship was always secretive since the two maintained silence in their private lives.

Interestingly, the two met again in 2009 when they appeared in the show iCarly, and this was a year after their breakup, but the two remained professional and seemed on good terms. 

Since then, there has been nothing much about their time together.

Max Enrich

After Graham, McCurdy dated her iCarly costar, Max Enrich, in 2010.

According to fans, it seemed like Enrich dated McCurdy and Miranda Cosgrove, her best friend and companion in the show. 

Enrich was forced to talk about the rumors and tweeted that he and the actress would always be friends.

He went on to date Veronica Dunne. 

Paul Glasner

The story between Glasner and McCurdy is fascinating and sad.

The two descriptions may describe the McCurdy people currently see.

Like her previous relationship, they met in iCarly though Paul worked as a writer for the show.

Many criticized their age gap since she was 18 while Paul was 31.

In an interview, McCurdy admitted that her relationship with Paul was special.

They met in the show’s last season, and photos of them together leaked. 

Their relationship surfaced when she received news about her mom suffering from cancer.

She revealed that fans would send or make negative utterances, making her hate social media.

She revealed that people were unaware of the real story of her relationship with Glaser, which became unbearable.

She assumed she could forget the problems by engulfing herself in acting, but this was not enough to give her comfort.

Her mother’s condition was worsening during their relationship, and Jannette ended her relationship with him after her mother passed away. 

Andre Drummond

McCurdy then went on to date NBA star Andre Drummond.

Her relationship with the then Brooklyn Nets player was always on the tabloids.

The athlete mentioned the actress as his crush during an Instagram challenge.

The actress reportedly penned down an essay concerning her feelings for the center.

She stated that she was not joking.

She acknowledged his bravery in revealing his inner feelings in public.

They maintained contact through social before meeting in real life.

Things were quiet before Jennette announced their relationship.

She revealed that her relationship with the player was uncomfortable.

She revealed that her first kiss with him was not romantic.

She stated it was an impulsive reaction and confessed that his mouth was in bad shape.

After the revelation, pictures of her in lingerie leaked on the internet.

She revealed she never imagined the person she sent the pictures to was a degenerate.

Drummond denied being involved and said he focused on his career and nothing else.

While the actress was always trying to belittle the athlete, the latter laughed off her actions and posted a video on social media, stating that he needs to move on from past mistakes. 

Jesse Carere

It seemed she felt she was better in the acting world since she moved on to start a relationship with Jesse Carere.

The two met while on the show Between.

Jesse was Jennette’s love interest.

Besides McCurdy sending Jesse a birthday message in 2016, not much was known about their relationship or even the reason for their breakup.

For now, the actress is single, and she seems to enjoy it.