Who is Jeff Tiedrich?

People who are not supportive of Donald Trump should know about this guy.

If people will compete to find out who is the biggest hater of the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, then that person will be at the top.

Jeff is an American political blogger that tweets and publishes on politics. In the U.S., he is known to be Donald Trump’s biggest hater.

Early life and Family

Jeff was born in Rockaway, New Jersey, United States of America on March 16, 1957. The son of a military official, Jeff, had the privilege of receiving a quality education.

His father, Warren Tiedrich, was an ex-military officer who participated in the Korean-American War during his years of service.

Jeff’s mother is known as Joan Diamond Tiedrich. Ellen Tiedrich is the name of his sister.

Education and Schooling

Since Jeff’s father was related to military personnel, he focused more on educating his children. Jeff attended Morris High School in New Jersey when he was growing up.

His sister went to school with him a couple of years later. As well, in 1975, Jeff finished his studies. At the same time, he had a keen interest in the arts since childhood.

The support of his family made it possible for him to obtain a degree in fine arts from the Parson School of Design. From there he graduated with an arts degree in 1978. 

Music Career

After graduating with an arts degree, Jeff decided to continue his passion for music. Along with the arts, he was deeply immersed in activities such as singing, playing guitar, and other musical instruments. In 1973, he joined a group of musicians during his college studies.

He played the guitarist for a musical group. The name of the band is Alligator Music Band. It includes six musicians, including Jeff Tiedrich. Moreover, he often uploads his performance to social networks.

A career as a political blogger

Jeff is a political blogger who has attracted attention through Twitter. Firstly, he was a mysterious and unknown man who constantly criticized Donald Trump on Twitter. Also, he often took part in several political debates on the Internet.

Later it was discovered that Jeff hates Donald Trump and while commenting on Trump’s post he gained a large number of followers on Twitter. As time went by, he created his website where he highlighted his active list website where users can access its content.

The name of the site is jefftiedrich.com. On January 29, 2020, he launched a $1,000 target campaign entitled “Pay Me to Tweet”. He also said that he was too lazy to seek a regular job, that’s why he is doing blogging. 

Personal Life

Jeff leads a happily married life. He is married to Claudia Long, who is a copywriter. She was also an expert in her role as creative director. Claudia became her husband’s support system and she helped him achieve numerous accomplishments based on her strong portfolio.

The understanding of Jeff and Claudia led their life to a marvelous point, they were fortunate to have a daughter in 1991. Jeff’s daughter was called Katherine Tiedrich. His daughter is an aerospace engineer. 

Net worth

Jeff is an enthusiastic musician and political blogger who also works as an independent graphic designer. All these things have led him to a lot of money, it is estimated that he has a net worth of 300,000 dollars. He got all that amount just by posting stuff about politics and showing his hatred for Donald Trump.

Fun facts about Jeff Tiedrich

  • Jeff was born in Rockaway, New Jersey. He is 63 years old. 
  • Jeff is known all over the world for hating former US President Donald Trump. He is an active political blogger. 
  • He gained a broad audience on social networks by posting hate comments on Trump. He has above 700,000 followers on Twitter. (updated April 2021)
  • Jeff has earned a great deal of money through political blogging and freelancing.
  • He was passionate about music from the start. He joined a music group as a guitar player while he was in college. 
  • Jeff’s wife is eight years older than him. They both are leading a happy life together. 
  • Jeff’s daughter is an aerospace engineer who has earned her bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering. 
  • Jeff is the first person to comment on Donald Trump’s Twitter post. He never missed any. 
  • Jeff is currently working as a freelance graphic designer. He used to make logos and other graphics on his client’s demand.
  • He also has a Patreon account with 87 patrons, where several users pay more than $180 to access his content.

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