Who is Fernanda Colombo? All About The Most Beautiful Referee

Football referee positions are male-dominated, but this is slowly changing. Fernanda Colombo has gained popularity as one of the hottest and incredibly smart female referees. She has proven to be quite successful and is now in the world’s spotlight. Keep reading to find out who this woman is and what her story is.

About Fernanda Colombo

Fernanda is a  former model, football referee, journalist, commentator, writer, and Instagram star. She came into the limelight after she offered to work as an escort.

Colombo was born on 24th April 1991 in Brazil. There is not much information about Fernanda’s early life and education, but she attained a degree in Physical Education.


Fernanda started her career as a model before joining the sports industry. In her modeling career, she was part of multiple photoshoots, commercials, and campaigns.

She has always loved football and later decided to join sports. Fernanda has served as a football flagship, sports journalist, and referee with proven knowledge in soccer. She played soccer in 2014 and 2017; however, she was not a successful player, hence turning to referee.

Fernanda’s first success as a referee was during Copa do Brasil. However, her most prominent success was in Russia’s World Cup in 2018.

 She went viral after playing a prank on Damian Dizz, Barcelona’s midfielder. Fernanda pretended to be pulling out a yellow card but ended up pulling her handkerchief out and wiping her face.

Colombo has faced some criticism for being a female referee in a male-dominated industry. Alexandre Mattos, the Cruzeiro director, criticized her in 2014 for making a mistake in his team’s game against Atletico.

On the other hand, most people have fallen in love with her charismatic personality and pretty looks. This has gained her a huge and impressive fanbase on Instagram.


Fernanda Colombo lives a peaceful lifestyle, and rarely is she a center of attention. However, in 2018, she was in the media due to a sexual proposal. Fernanda received an inappropriate and immoral message that made her feel like “trash.” The anonymous sender suggested she meet with “clients” for money and that he would offer her “seven thousand” of unspecified currency for each meeting.

In response to the scandal, Fernanda stated that she only wants to do what she loves. She further added that she is more than just a hot referee.


Fernanda is married to Sandro Meirra Ricci. The couple met at a hotel, their relationship quickly hit off, and they got married in 2018.

Sandro is a retired football referee and currently works as a TV referring analyst at the Globo Network.

Sandro was born on 19th November 1974 in Brazil. He is 46 years old, meaning the couple has a 17 years age gap between them. One of his most prominent achievements as a referee was added to FIFA’s 2013 referee list.

Fernanda Colombo’s Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be above $1 million. A significant portion of her net worth is from her referee career. With such a net worth at her age, her wealth is expected to keep on increasing significantly.