Who is Daniel Toce? Net Worth of Kim Zolciak ex-husband

Kim Zolciak is a famous actress who has garnered public attention for her role in a famous television series called The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Daniel Toce is known as the ex-husband of Kim Zolciak. Kim received recognition for her performance on a popular television series. Kim got recognition based on her actions in a popular TV show. That’s how Daniel got the media’s attention. 

Early life

Daniel was recognized on the behalf of his famous wife Kim. There’s a little background on Daniel on the Internet. Daniel Toce has US citizenship. Details of his early life, education, and diplomas are not available on the Internet. However, it is reported that he went to high school. 

Marriage with Kim Zolciak

Daniel made the headlines by marrying TV star Kim Zolciak. On May 5, 2001, Kim and Daniel got married and their dream wedding took place on the beach in Destin, Florida.

Daniel and Kim received the blessings and love of their relatives and friends and began the new era of their lives in 2001. After their marriage, they lived in a home and spent time in Florida. Daniel and Kim were blessed with a little girl on October 17, 2002, who they named Ariana. The couple led a happily married life for three years. 

Divorce from Kim Zolciak

In the showbiz industry, there are a lot of love stories that don’t end happily. Similarly, the story of Kim and Daniel came to a bad end. In 2003, Kim filed an application for divorce against Daniel after three years of marriage. Several conflicts and personal differences have led them to this point. Daniel tried to get custody of his daughter, Ariana, but Kim didn’t let this happen. 

Net Worth

Sometimes luck allows us to have more, but we pass up opportunities because of our foolish actions. Daniel’s marriage to Kim brought him media attention.

Later, however, they broke up. It is said that Daniel has a net worth of 1.5 million dollars. On the other hand, it was reported once that Daniel’s father is a millionaire, but there is no verification of this news. 

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His marriages and children

Kim was Daniel’s second wife. Before marrying Kim, Daniel was married to another woman by the name of Christine Maolta. Daniel’s got two kids with his first wife. Besides, after two failed marriages, Daniel took his chance for the third time and this time he married a woman, Mary Toce.

They remained together for nearly eight years. But after eight years of marriage, Daniel divorced the third woman. Things weren’t working out for Daniel. Daniel had two children by his first spouse, Christine. There is one daughter, Ariana, whose mother is Kim Zolciak. 

Daniel was arrested for se#ual assaults

Daniel was charged with molestation in 2011. He was accused of assaulting a 14 years old girl. He went to prison for doing that sin. The news shocked a lot of people because the victim of his evil intentions was none other than his daughter-in-law, Brielle Biermann.

Daniel se#ually and physically assaulted Brielle. The reality star’s ex-husband went to jail for 10 years, but he stayed in prison for two years until he was released on bail. 

Some Quick Facts about Daniel Toce:

  1. Daniel was married to a TV reality star, Kim Zolciak back in 2001. They stayed together for three years and then parted their ways in 2003. 
  2. Daniel got married three times. His first wife’s name was Christine. Later he got married to Kim Zolciak.
  3. Daniel’s third marriage to Mary Toce stayed for a long duration of 8 years. After spending eight years together, they broke up. 
  4. Daniel was charged with molesting a 14-year-old girl and was imprisoned for committing this crime.
  5. He has a net worth of almost 1.5 million dollars.
  6. Daniel and Kim split up after they had been married for three years. The reason for their separation was later made public. Kim said Daniel was cheating on her.
  7. Daniel wanted to have custody of his daughter, Ariana, after the divorce from Kim Zolciak, but Ariana’s mother didn’t let that happen.