Where Did SeaNanners Go?

YouTube is a platform that lets you share everything in your life. If you want to make vlogs centering around your life or make informative videos, YouTube is the place to do it.

Not only does it help you follow your passion but it also helps you financially; this is because you can get paid or sponsored for each of the videos you upload.

These earnings can amount to a lot of money if you get the metrics right. Now that YouTube counts as a full-time career, you will find more and more people jumping on the bandwagon.

However, not everyone that enters the website wants to make money; some just make accounts so they can follow their favorite YouTubers and stay entertained throughout the day.

This article will explore a YouTuber called “SeaNanners” and his whereabouts these days.

Who is SeaNanners?

If you are a fan of video gaming, then you must have heard of SeaNanners because his YouTube channel was based on gaming and comedy.

He used to comment on video games he had played online and then uploaded them on the social media platform.

Although he was known as SeaNanners on YouTube, his real name is Adam Montoya. He is an American YouTuber and actor, born and raised in California.

He went to San Diego State University and, after graduating, he decided to take on some freelance work as his main source of income. It was during this time that he decided to make his gaming YouTube channel after seeing fellow gamers gain success on the platform.

His channel has more than 5 million subscribers and his channel views are more than 2 billion. In 2009, he decided to work with a gaming network called Machinima Inc. He explained to his viewers that he will post videos on his partner channel Machinima Network’s account. He soon became a permanent employee of the network. He mentioned to his fans again in 2010 that he was a full-time employee.

He further ventured out by creating his own network, which was known as JETPAK. In 2014, he explained to his viewers that he did not want people exploiting content creators and other YouTubers, and that is why he launched the network. He took this initiative together with the help of his associates who previously worked at Machinima. In 2016, he even starred in a YouTube series; it was an animated adult comedy series known as “The Paranormal Action Squad”.

You might be wondering, with all this happening for him, why did SeaNanners disappear from YouTube?

Where Did SeaNanners Go?

Adam’s subscribers and fans noticed that his activity on YouTube was starting to decrease with time. He used to upload videos five times in a week; however, he started posting only once a week in 2018.

He never addressed this properly on his own channel but he still used to guest star in other videos on YouTube.

While being a guest star, he mentioned in several videos that he will be slowing down the posting. He stated that he will keep posting a couple of videos so that he doesn’t lose his income but he will decrease the number of times he posts.

He decided to take a break from YouTube to explore other avenues but he returned to the social media platform in 2020. He then officially addressed the reasons behind his break. He stated that his mental health needed healing and the stress of content creation was getting to be too much.

Just like every other content creator out there, he buckled under all the expectations and the pressure that comes with it. Understandably, he took a much-needed break to improve his mental health.

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