Where Can I watch ‘Lord of The Rings’

We all know the story of Lord of the Rings. The epic tale is about a hobbit, Frodo Baggins, who is on a quest to destroy an evil ring that would control Middle-Earth and enslave its inhabitants. In order to complete his mission, he must rely on help from his faithful friends, including Samwise Gamgee and Gandalf. If you’re looking for where you can watch Lord of the Rings, you came to the right place.

Lord of The Rings revolves around three different films: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King. Each film is an adaptation from J. R. R Tolkien’s books with some changes along the way to make it more appealing and exciting for audiences all over the world.

5 Places To Stream ‘Lord of the Rings’ Online

Any Lord of The Rings fan knows just how these films are captivating. Whether you’re looking to binge-watch the movie this weekend with your family or you’re looking for a refresher, here are places you can watch the film.


You can watch the entire trilogy on HBO Max. Not only is the service easy to use, but there are a variety of entertainment options from movies and TV shows. You can watch your favorite HBO original series or check out new ones as they come on air. With a free one-month trial starting at $14.99/mo, you have nothing to lose by signing up for this cable streaming service today!


If you’re looking for where you can watch Lord of the Rings Online, Netflix has quite a few titles that could be added to its list soon enough. In fact, the film is already available in the United States after its launch on the platform only worked for Canadians. Since 24th April 2019, US residents can access the film as it is available in their location.

If you’re not sure what else Netflix has to offer, check their website, which lists more of our favorite shows and movies coming out at all times!

Amazon Prime Video

If Netflix isn’t working for you, you have the Amazon Prime Video option. The trilogy is available if you pay the rental fee, which is $3.99 per film. The price is worth the movie, though, as you get your experience in full HD. You can also get the extended version on Amazon Prime Video at $9.99.


Another place where you can watch Lord of The Rings online is through Hulu. For those who are unaware, it’s a streaming service that offers original content. Hulu offers documentaries, TV dramas, animated series & reality/talent competitions, and an extensive library with over 75000 titles in its catalog. This is definitely a platform you’d want to look into as you look for where to watch Lord of The Rings.

You’ll be able to catch up on all three films plus some extras like cast interviews or featurettes. Also, Hulu offers some insight into how everything was done behind the scenes during production. You can access this through the Movie Collection bundles on Amazon.


Unfortunately, you won’t find Lord of The Rings on Disney. Instead, you’ll be able to stream The Hobbit trilogy on the platform. If this is what you’re looking for then, that’s great news! You can watch Bilbo Baggins and his band of dwarves embarking on their adventure in Middle-Earth plus all the other memorable characters like Gandalf, Gollum (Andy Serkis), and Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch). You will also find blockbuster shows such as Star Wars, The Book of Boba Fett, Wanda Vision, Obi Wan, and The Bad Batch.

In What Order Should You Watch the Trilogy

If you choose to watch the trilogy right now, take note that The Hobbit should come before The Lord of the Ring. The Hobbit narrates what happened before The Fellowship of The Ring, which is the first movie in the Lord of The Rings trilogy.