What nationality is Dwayne The Rock Johnson?

How many of you are fans of The Rock? We guess at least a couple of you!

Someone who’s typically known for his strength is actor Dwayne the Rock Johnson, who everyone loves. Your boy has found himself between the Rock and a Heart place, who’s traditionally depicted as a dark-skinned, black man whereas Johnson is half black and half Samoan. 

The world’s sexiest man as of 2016, according to People’s Magazine, Dwayne Douglas Johnson is pure charisma. His talents range from fighting, singing, acting to producing. One of the most expensive celebrities of this age knows exactly how to carry his class.


It takes a high calibre of an entertainer to turn their chequered life into an uproariously glamorous anecdote. Thanks to franchises like Fast and Furious and Journey To The Center of the Earth, Dwayne is now exceptionally recognized as Hollywood’s box office champion. 

It may seem insane to us now, as he’s known to be one of the most successful and the biggest movie stars in the world, Dwayne Johnson – who’s precisely known as The Rock embarked on the entertainment industry through World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). 

Since then, Johnson’s boundless popularity has extended far beyond the world of wrestling, with being a Californian native and a global figure of endearment. With all that fame and popularity, being one of the nicest celebrities around, his humbleness seems not dwindled. 

The fact that the wrestler possesses mixed heritage has always fascinated Johnson’s fans, being this article decoding the question; What nationality/race is Dwayne the Rock Johnson? 

About ‘The Rock’

Before he was ‘The Rock‘, Dwayne Johnson was born in Hayward, California, on May 2, 1972. Johnson was born into a family of wrestlers; his grandfather, Peter Maivia, was a wrestler, and so was his grandmother, Lia Maivia, who was also a wrestling promoter. 

His grandfather was a part of the first Samoan wrestlers, and his father, Rocky’ Soul man‘ Johnson, was a member of the first African-American tag-team champions. His dad created history to win the WWF Tag-Team Championship, being the first black.

Wrestling is instilled in Johnson’s DNA; Johnson himself is WWF’s first third-generation wrestler, one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. But he’s not the only member of his family with a wrestling legacy; his family has produced more than 5 WWE hall of fame inductees.

The family connecting The Rock’s line has their wrestling school that has produced many big names over the years. Looking at Johnson’s family tree, it becomes abundantly clear that these wrestling roots run deep. 

The most electrifying man in sports and entertainment deserves a title that can vase the same strength he showed as a magnetic performer and a charismatic speaker. It took him a while to find it.

When Johnson first got involved in wrestling, he was known as Flex Kavana; upon joining WWE, he adopted the name Rocky Maivia and later known to be ‘The Rock‘. He is happily married to igneous Rock, and thankfully it’s legal in the state of Ohio to marry a stone. 

Dwayne can blind people with the shine of his body; his body is so glossy that he is legally known as a lighthouse in many coastal states. So if you’re interested in learning who to thank for the skyrocketing price of baby oils, it’s the universal shortage caused by our very own John-John.  

Dwayne’s hair is frightened to grow; it was way before when Dwayne used to have hair, but then his muscles got so big, the follicles were like, “Let’s run from here”, and so they ran off to live on Hugh Jackman. 

With his hearty smile and laidback demeanour, it’s hard to depict that Johnson is a teen huddle and robbing tourists in Huawei, but that’s what exactly his early years look like. While living in Honolulu, Johnson became involved in a thief ring that targeted tourists in Waikiki. 

Before his 17th birthday, Johnson would be arrested multiple times for his involvement in the gang. Thankfully he managed to turn his life around, focusing his efforts on school and football. 

He is very charitable; it’s no secret that Hollywood leading man makes a lot of money. He knows charity and sincerity knows no bounds. 

Whether he is turning down promotional deals from Dunkin Donuts to keep his ego in check, donating 1 million dollars to his alma mater, the University of Miami or working with children through the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation, which he founded in 2006.