What Is Matt Damon’s IQ?

Matt Damon has time and again proved his potential in various fields, be it acting, screenwriting, or even plain intelligence. But is he really a genius? 

With a net worth of about $170 million, Matt Damon is one of the most bankable actors. He co-founded a production, Pearl Street Films house with best friend Ben Affleck, and has been regarded as a great producer numerous times.

Matt Damon’s IQ 

Matt Damon reportedly has an IQ of 160. He shares the IQ level of American Author Stephen Hawking and the genius Albert Einstein. 

Did you know that just 0.03% of people have an IQ level of 160-169? It is considered a range with gifted genius minds! Let’s dive deeper into Damon’s life to know more about this intelligent human being. 

What Is Matt Damon's IQ?

What Is the Purpose of IQ Tests?

Well, if we talk about present times, it is just conducted to understand the intelligence level of the other person. It could be for selecting the right candidate for the job or the admission process to get into an Ivy League college. 

Matt Damon’s Parents

It is said that everything starts at home. From manners to habits, and basically everything. But does intelligence depend on all this too? The short answer is No. Intelligence has nothing to do with parenting. 

On October 8, 1970, Damon was born to the stockbroker, tax preparer, realtor Kent Damon, and early childhood educator Nancy Carlsson-Paige. Matt’s mother used to teach at Lesley University.  

The family’s financial background was equally strong as the educational one. Stockbrokers in the US have an average pay scale of about $56000. On the other hand, the average salary of a professor in the US is around $88000. Therefore, it is fair to say that Matt was born in a financially stable or perhaps wealthy family. 

However, his parents’ marriage did not last much longer, as they separated while Matt and his brother were still young. 

The custody of the boys fell into their mother, Nancy’s lap. Nancy was a by-the-book kind of mother and always adhered to that. It did not work out well for Matt, who felt off beam. 

Atheism and Its Ties to IQ

Generally, atheists are smarter than religious people. Many studies have proved this. A survey conducted in 2018 with 63000 volunteers reported that it is, in fact, correct. Atheists overall performed well. While religious people tend to rely on their intuitions, atheists follow general intellect. 

That said, let’s come back to Matt Damon. Damon’s religious beliefs are more inclined towards atheism, according to The Hollowverse. However, he has not specified his religious beliefs. 

According to the survey mentioned earlier, if atheists have proven to be smarter than religious people, Matt is Atheist and genius since he is more about general intellect. 

Not that we are convinced from the survey results and this theory, but it could be the reason behind Matt’s extraordinary IQ. You never know!

Matt Damon’s Education

Damon received a rather simple education, as he attended public schools in Cambridge, MA. And, now comes the significant part, with his high intellect, it was not hard for Damon to get into Harvard, the dream college of thousands. 

The acceptance rate at Harvard is about 5%. To be precise, out of 45000 applicants, roughly 2250 would get accepted. It is almost impossible to get into Harvard as compared to other US colleges and Universities. 

With all this, it should not be hard to accept Matt Damon’s high intellect. If he can get into Harvard, it is because of the genius mind that he has. 

Furthermore, just like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Damon never really became a Harvard alumnus. Yes, he dropped out of college right when the perfect acting opportunity knocked on his door, and he became a full-time actor. 

Also, just to mention, you need to have at least a 4.0 GPA and must have obtained two recommendation letters from teachers just to be admitted into Harvard. No brainer, Matt must have been the finest in his class.

Good Will Hunting

His Hollywood career started with this brilliant script that he co-wrote with Ben Affleck. To get a piece of his intelligence, watch Good Will Hunting, and you will soon understand he is 160!

Summing Up

Matt Damon, a genius with an IQ level of 160. The guy who conceptualized Good Will Hunting, a movie that won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay while he was a college student. 

The guy who dropped out of Harvard and went on to become the most bankable actor of Hollywood. So, is Matt Damon a genius? Yes, nothing but genius!