What is Lucas Hedges Net Worth?

The question that many people are wondering about is the Hollywood star’s net worth. Many people know him from Manchester by the Sea, but what else has he been up to recently? This article will answer that question and give you some more information on who Lucas Hedges is.

Lucas Hedges’ Net Worth

At this point, it’s estimated that he has a net worth of $3 million. We would guess that most of his money comes from acting roles and not endorsements or sponsorships like many other actors do nowadays. He also recently bought himself an apartment in New York City for around one million dollars, so we think that has to count towards something as well! 

He has been nominated for many awards, including an Oscar in 2017, a Golden Globe in 2016, and a SAG Award in 2014. Lucas won the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer in 2015 at the age of 17! His first movie role was when he played Ron Weasley’s son Albus Severus Potter in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part Two (2011).

Altogether, Lucas Hedges movies have made over $31 million worldwide so far! With his upcoming roles, this number will continue to rise past that mark quickly! Endorsements and advertisements will also scale his net worth to the next level. 

Who Is Lucas Hedges – Facts & Trivia

Finally, here are some interesting facts about him you may have never known before.

  • His birth name is actually Luke Morgan Rhodes.
  • There was supposed to be another actor playing Kenneth Lonergan’s role, but they had to cancel at the last minute, so he ended up playing Tim Mooney instead.
  • He is part of an acting family; Peter Hedges, his father, is a famous screenwriter and director.
  • He played Ron Weasley’s son in Harry Potter when he was very young.