What Is Conan O’Brien’s IQ?

Conan Christopher O’Brien doesn’t need an introduction. This American media personality is quite versatile- he is a comedian, a writer, a podcaster, a former television host, and a producer.

You must have seen him hosting the late-night talk shows. He hosted them for 28 long years! He has done a commendable job in the field of writing as well. Did you know that he was a writer and producer for The Simpsons for two seasons?

However, he made a special place in our hearts because of his distinguished comedy and witty comebacks. His smart ways make us wonder what his IQ is. In this article, you will get a brief insight into his life and get to know his IQ score. 

But first, let us understand what an IQ test is and how it helps in judging someone’s wit.

What Is Conan O'Brien's IQ?

What Is an IQ Test?

IQ stands for intelligence quotient. It is usually a set of standardized tests that are designed to check human intellect. After taking the tests or subtests, the person gets an IQ score that estimates his intelligence.

The average IQ score is between 90 to 110, which is considered fine for normal humans. A score above 130 means that the concerned person has exceptional intelligence, while a score below 70 may indicate poor mental levels.

These tests are accepted to measure intelligence because they are more or less basic in nature, and a person can give these tests without any preparation. These tests measure the natural human intellect that cannot be gained by mugging things up.

What Is Conan’s IQ?

We usually don’t expect our celebrities to have high IQ levels, but there are some accomplished and intelligent celebrities out there. These celebrities have commendable IQs, and Conan is one of them.

You will be shocked to know that Conan O’Brien’s IQ is the same as Stephen Hawking’s. It is 160 — no wonder he is considered one of the smartest American celebrities.

Conan is quite accomplished and educated. He graduated from Harvard University magna cum laude with Bachelor’s Degree in History and Literature in 1985.  It is now evident why he is so smart.

Soon, he developed an interest in writing and shifted to Los Angeles. There he worked as a writer for the sketch comedy series Not Necessarily the News. Since then, he has made several efforts and made a place that he deserved in the industry. He is the longest working late-night show host who is active in the United States.

We should also note how he used his tall and awkward presence to his advantage by making regular self-deprecating jokes. Not everybody has the wit to do that. 

The Early Life of Conan

Conan was born on 18th April 1963 in Brookline, Massachusetts, to a medico father and lawyer mother. His father, Thomas, is a respected professor at Harvard Medical school, and his mother, Ruth, is a retired attorney and former partner at a Boston firm.

He has five siblings in total- three brothers and two sisters. His interest in writing was from an early age, and he served as the managing editor of Brookline High School newspaper- The Sagamore. He also won several accolades in writing during his school. Additionally, during his college, he was a writer for the Harvard Lampoon humor magazine.

Did you know that Conan played drums during his college life in a band called Bad Clams?

Conan O’Brien’s Personal Life

Conan O’Brien has a beautiful wife, Elizabeth Ann “Liza” Powel. He met her on Late Night with Conan O’Brien when she appeared in an advertising skit and worked as a senior copywriter.  They dated for about 18 months before they finally married in 2002.

He has a daughter Neve and a son Beckett with Liza. The kids have a two-year age difference. He is very fond of his family and shares a lovely bond with his wife.

Moreover, he takes pride in his Irish Catholic heritage. He once mentioned on a show that ancestors from both sides of his family moved to America around 1850 and married only to the Irish Catholics; hence his lineage is purely Irish Catholic. 

Final Words

Conan O’Brien is undoubtedly smart and witty. We should not be surprised with his whopping IQ scores, honestly. After all, he is a Harvard graduate. Over the years, he has shown his amazing wit and intelligence with his spontaneous hosting.

You now know about Canon’s early and personal life in brief, along with his IQ score. There are many other celebrities who have high IQ scores; check it out on google and trust us, you will be shocked.

We hope that this article has answered your question. If you want to read some more amazing articles, check out our website.