What Happened to Steve Ross Bob Ross’s son?

Are you a painter or artistic paint lover? Either way, you must have heard or known about Steve Ross.  There is no doubt that you may be in love with Steve Ross’s works. He was occasionally mentioned by his father on the show,’ citing cases on how Steve paints a good masterpiece. Yes, he is good at it, and his father liked it. But where did he disappear after the death of Bob? What happened to him? Artistic paint lovers seem to miss Steve a lot, and they want to reach him. The Little Facts will help you to locate him and find out what exactly happened to him.

Steve’s role in “The Joy Painting” show?

Bob’s favorite son Steve featured in many episodes of the show. Steve Ross made notable appearances during the first season’s last episodes. Steve assisted Bob Ross in highlighting viewers’ questions to his father Bob for answers. Similarly, he painted more than 12 of his paintings on the show.

Using his beautiful voice, hair, and mustache, as well as double engenders like “It’s getting bigger all the time,” Oh my, it’s enormous. It’s a monster, look at that!“ made him a fan favorite on the show. 

Why did he disappear from screens and media?

As it appears, Steve Bob was grieved by his father’s death and desired to remove all links that would remind him of his dad; he needed to heal. Fans have been unable to locate him, and the only memory of him is YouTube videos of his appearance on the show.

After Bob’s death, it has been suggested that he had moved to New York. Steve became a Bob Ross-certified instructor, according to his obituary in the New York Times. Still, after a keen examination of the current instructors’ list Steve Ross is not among those teaching others to paint.

Where is Steve Ross Now?

Steve Ross has decided to return to the limelight after a long period of silence! Even though he did not meet fans’ anticipation of coming up with his painting television show, Steve resumed open space painting. Teaming up with Bob’s old friend Dana Jeser, Steve hosts the wet-on-wet technique pioneered by Bob Ross.  Using the alla-prima oil-painting procedure, the duo guides students to make beautiful portraits, just like how Bob Ross did. Up to now, Steve and Dana have conducted public workshops across the U.S.A.

You must be happy to see your favorite painter back to do what he does best. Although he is not back on screens, fans can now feel his services and presence. Thanks to Dana Jeser, who keeps on updating fans about their following shows on his media handles. Do you want to paint with Steve Ross? Well, you can follow Dana Jeser on Instagram to know new workshop dates. The workshop takes four days at the cost of $125 per day.

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