What Happened To Rich Lewis On Mountain Men?

The Mountain Men reality television show follows several people as they try to survive in the mountains.

rich lewis mountain man

It is a History channel show mostly based in Eustace, Conway. The show follows the men as they traverse the mountains, learning new survival skills. Rich Lewis became a part of the show in its second season.

Yet, he has not featured in the Mountain Men’s recent episodes. Read ahead to find out what happened to Rich Lewis on Mountain Men!


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The Show So Far

Season Three of Mountain Men aired in 2015 and Rich Lewis was a part of it. He joined as one of Conway’s apprentices, along with several others from around America.


The show followed their journey through the mountains together as they all learned how to survive there.

For most people who watched Season three, this is where they last saw Rich Lewis on screen at least until now because he has not been featured in any other season after that too!

And that is why many viewers are wondering what happened to him? Is he going to return for future seasons or did something go wrong during his time on the show?

What Happened To Him In Season Three?

In episode six titled ‘A New Enemy,’ there was a scene where Lewis is shown catching fish while Conway and his friends are asleep.

He does not look like he’s fishing alone either because another guy with him says ‘when you get your food, make sure to bring it back.

The next episode titled “The Fight” aired in August 2015. Rich Lewis gets into an altercation with several other people who do not want him around anymore.

The reason why they did this was that Lewis had been poaching their animals all along.

This was despite Conway’s earlier warning that no one could kill any of them! This caused problems for everyone else as well.

Nobody knew how long it would be before something ran out or got used up entirely.

However, this wasn’t the reason for his departure.

What Happened to Rich Lewis on Mountain Men?

Rich Lewis decided to take a sabbatical from acting in the Mountain Men setting. According to him, he had become too old to continue living his life that way.

Indeed, Lewis had become a well-known member of the show for his unique survival skills.

In fact, he had become a hometown hero for his knack for scaring lions away to protect the tiny community they lived in.

His colleagues on set also observed that he had a no-nonsense survival attitude that kept him moving. Therefore, it beats logic that such a talent decided to leave the show.

Contrary to the rumors, the producers didn’t dismiss Lewis, nor had they planned a replacement for him. Lewis voluntarily chose to leave the show after a good run. He felt that it was time to hang up his boots. Lewis’ last appearances are on season 6 of the show.

What Does This Mean For The Future?

While it is unclear what happened to Lewis after this altercation, his name has not been mentioned at all for any future seasons of Mountain Men.

This means that he probably did leave the show along with whatever controversy followed him out of Conway’s land!

However, no official statement was ever made by anyone involved in filming or producing the series so we are left wondering about what happened next.