What Happened to Michael Cera?

Despite Michael Cera having achieved a lot by the time he reached 30, his engagements in recent years indicate that the former child star may have already experienced his best years in entertainment.

By 2000, he was a household name as he starred alongside George Clooney and Julia Roberts in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

Michael Cera’s Decline

As good as Cera was at acting, his decisions when choosing follow-up projects were poor.

His first questionable decision was when he chose to perform in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, which despite getting positive reviews, it performed dismally at the box office.

Things only worsened when he chose to act in Year One since the movie was unsuccessful.

Other projects he was involved in but received similar receptions include Paper Heart which some called a ‘dud’, and Youth in Revolt, which fans and critics considered not good enough.

Michael Cera’s Return

Most actors lose morale when the movie offers stop coming, but Michael’s determination and versatility have ensured he remains in the entertainment industry, not in significant roles.

He has been busy, particularly in theaters.

He still has the acting trait since he recently performed in This is Our Youth and went on to perform in Lobby Her, which got him nominated at the Tony Awards.

His most recent theatrical performance was in the Waverly Gallery, where he collaborated with Kenneth Lonergan.

That seemed to have cemented his place as a constant on the playwright’s list of actors.

The actor also did voice works for characters in Sausage Party and The Lego Batman Movie.

He also got a supporting role in Molly’s Game and Twin Peaks and worked with Jordan Peele to create the horror movie Weird City.

He also ventured into music. Cera helped create a band known as Long Goodbye and worked with the Weezer band before deciding to release his 2014 album True That.

The album was a success, and everyone was surprised.

Michael Cera’s Romance and Family Life

He also had some interesting times when looking at his love life.

He was criticized for dumping his long-time girlfriend Charlyne Yi in 2009 when he was a superstar.

He almost married Aubrey Plaza, who was his co-star in Scott Pilgrim.

After that, he went silent and reduced the amount of time he spent on social media, so it was difficult to get details.

He secretly tied the knot with his girlfriend Nadine in 2018, and so far, their relationship seems strong.

As for his acting career, he has various upcoming movies in the production stage.

They include Blazing Samurai, and one thing is for sure is that his versatility and talent will ensure he is always busy.

He has a lot of work reestablishing himself as a major star at the box office.

The actor recently revealed that he had welcomed a baby boy.

This was their first child together, and his co-star Amy Schumer revealed the news during a joint interview on Entertainment Tonight.

He later revealed in another interview their child was a boy.