What Happened to Chris Hansen

Investigative journalists expose what influential people want to keep hidden. Consequently, they meet threats and intimidation all over. Chris Hansen is one of them!

The journalist recently rubbed shoulders with the authorities over some critical evidence. Hansen refused to submit videos pertinent to a sexual assault case and a warrant of arrest was issued against him.

But what really transpired? Read on to find out more about the journalist!

Chris Hansen was born on 13th April 1959 to parents, William and Lois Hansen. He grew up in Logan, Utah.

He studied at Weber State University where he developed a keen interest in reporting as well as media production. Following his graduation from college, Chris worked with WKVI anchor John Davenport before moving on to work with other networks such as KMVT and WSMV.

A Career in Crime Investigation

In 1988, Chris Hansen joined KSTU-TV as a reporter for investigations. His first major story involved an expose on people who were selling stolen prescription drugs to pharmacies and doctors’ offices over the phone! With time, he was promoted to executive news producer before finally becoming a lead investigative reporter.

His Contributions to Investigative Journalism in the United States

Chris Hansen has contributed immensely to investigative journalism by focusing on what goes behind closed doors and helping people understand complex issues through his reports. For example, he once investigated an online sex trafficking ring that involved minors!

The Police Raids Against Chris Hansen’s Studio

This is where things start to get a little strange. In 2012, the police raided Chris Hansen’s studio for an investigation! The people behind this action were none other than those who owed him money from previous transactions involving the sale of a car and some mortgages.

However, it was later revealed that there had been no raid against his home or workplace as he’d earlier stated. The police had simply served him with subpoenas for information that he might have on the individuals involved in these transactions!

The To Catch A Predator TV Show

To Catch A Predator premiered on 20th July 2004 and ran for a total of 14 episodes. It was considered as one of the most controversial TV shows ever to be aired by Dateline NBC!

The show featured Chris Hansen who worked alongside Perverted-Justice along with 48 hidden cameras to expose viewers to how sexual predators operated online.

To Catch A Predator featured twelve investigations conducted through sting undercover operations. The show went on with the help of dog groups. Predators accosted in the exposes were allowed to leave voluntarily.

However, as the show went on, perpetrators were arrested and held accountable for their crimes.

Why Was The Show Canceled

To Catch A Predator was canceled because it gained notoriety for the wrong reasons. The show received criticisms from parents, law enforcement agencies, and child protection groups who claimed it focused more on entertainment than crime deterrence!

With time, the media started to criticize Hansen relentlessly over his lack of positive results. Moreover, critics took issue with how he presented himself in his interviews as well as reports. To Catch A Predator was even labeled as “soft-core porn” by the media!

However, Hansen stood his ground and defended To Catch A Predator in an interview with CNN. He said that he would continue to report cases of sexual predators who were a threat to children. After all, this is why he started out on TV news!

What Happened to Chris Hansen

A court of law issued a warrant for Chris Hansen’s arrest for contempt. The journalist had failed to appear in court after being summoned.

Chris was required to present necessary evidence in court implicating three defendants of sexual abuse. However, he failed to do so.

Nevertheless, he presented himself to the police and was arrested. When asked why he didn’t heed the court summons, Hansen said that he hadn’t appeared in court due to a misunderstanding.

You’d be surprised to know that this isn’t the first time Hansen has brushed shoulders with law enforcement bodies. The police previously arrested him on larceny charges when he gave two cheques that bounced

The State of Chris Hansen’s Work Today?

Currently, there are no reports to show whether or not Chris Hansen is still working after all these allegations and raids were made against his home studio. However, what is known is that he continues to work as a journalist and producer.