What Happened to Abigail Spencer?

During Abigail Spencer’s 41st birthday, she got candid with her fans and posted a letter on her Instagram.

The Grey’s Anatomy actress discussed the time in her life that was the hardest.

She revealed that in August 2021, she went through a difficult time that almost killed her.

The training of her mind, spirit, and body and surrounding herself with the right friends and therapists allowed her to survive.

She refused to get into the details of what happened.

She then posted pictures of her with her son in Paris.

What the actress described seemed tormenting.

The manner she talked about the symptoms and how she felt physically was visceral.

Even though she would have chosen not to talk about what had happened to her, she was bold, coming forward and revealing to her fans.

It was good that her doctors and loved ones were around to help her through.

Even though not everyone experiencing her situation had the people and resources she had, her message was to show those affected that it was to show them they were not alone.

It was to show them they were not alone could have happened to anyone.

Abigail Spencer on Suits

The actress was famous for her appearance as Dana Scott in Suits, where she appeared for eight seasons.

She joined the cast mid-way into the first season, where she was introduced as a former classmate of Harvey.

They started a relationship in the initial seasons when she became a partner at Pearson Specter.

Things took a turn when Harvey’s closeness to Mike Ross affected their relationship.

She made various comebacks as the show progressed, with fans last seeing her in the show in the eighth season.

Fans may remember that she came back to have a court battle with Samantha Wheeler.

Speaking before she reappeared in the eighth season, the actress revealed to Parade, “I’m so honored that [creator] Aaron [Korsh] asked me to come back and that people love Scottie.

That is my reason for going back and playing her.

“Who knew? Every time I show up, Gabriel [Macht] is like, ‘Hey, favorite team partner.’

“I’m like, ‘Hey, favorite team partner.’ We love working together, and I think the characters are really, really dynamic. It’s a pleasure to go back.”

Aaron Korsh was Unable to Fix Abigail Spencer

In 2018, the show’s creator, Aaron Korsh, stated that they usually call each other every year.

Their discussions revolved around storylines and schedules to see if she could reappear.

He revealed, “Every year, one of us will call the other one and say, do you want to come in, or she’ll say can I come in, and we’ll figure it out.”

He also confessed that he found it challenging to include her unless her character would get romantically involved with Harvey.

When she failed to reappear in the final season, it was due to this.

Korsh revealed this since he was unable to fix her in the story.

He said, “It was hard to figure out a way to fit Scottie in seamlessly. So that was more from a storytelling standpoint.

“I would have liked to have gotten her in, but I couldn’t figure out a way to do it.”

Spencer and Meghan Markle

Spencer and Meghan Markle first met in Suits.

She contributed to the Duchess’ previous blog, The Tig, and was one of the guests at her marriage to Prince Harry in London.

She also attended Meghan’s baby shower in February 2019.

She Acted in Rebel

In 2021, the actress got a recurring role in the series Rebel.

The series focused on a blue-collar advocate who had no law degree.

Spencer acted as Misha, a surgeon who shares a painful romantic history with Nate but constantly studies the heart since she feels she may have unintentionally harmed several patients.

The series was her sixth project with Vernoff.

They have worked together for more than 15 years.

In 2022, Abigail Spencer is set to act alongside Jon Cryer and Donald Faison in Mike O’Malley’s off-cycle multi-cam NBC comedy pilot from Lionsgate Television.