The Worst Movies Of 2023 (So Far)

Winnie-The-Pooh: Blood And Honey (2023) – IMDb Rating: 2.9

A far cry from the beloved children’s classic, this horror take on Winnie the Pooh features Christopher Robin leaving for college while Pooh and Piglet turn into bloodthirsty characters.

Life Upside Down (2023) – IMDb Rating: 4.1

Stuck at home during lockdown, three couples have their lives turned upside-down. Unfortunately, the film’s 4.1 IMDb rating suggests that it may have been just as disorienting for viewers.

80 For Brady (2023) – IMDb Rating: 5.9

Though boasting a star-studded ensemble, this comedy-drama about friends trying to meet Tom Brady fails to score, sitting at a 5.9 IMDb rating.

One True Loves (2023) – IMDb Rating: 5.4

Caught between her presumed-dead husband and new fiancé, the protagonist in this rom-com drama can’t seem to make a choice, much like the movie itself.

House Party (I) (2023) – IMDb Rating: 4.4

Serving as a modern remix of the ’90s classic, this comedy doesn’t bring the house down, managing only a 4.4 rating on IMDb.

65 (2023) – IMDb Rating: 5.4

Adam Driver stars in this action-adventure drama about an astronaut stranded on a mysterious planet. Despite its potential, it’s stuck at a 5.4 IMDb rating.

Fool’s Paradise (2023) – IMDb Rating: 4.7

An accidental celebrity loses it all in this comedy that, ironically, doesn’t seem to win over its audience, earning a 4.7 IMDb rating.