The 10 Best Supporting Actors Of All Time

The Chameleons: Philip Seymour Hoffman And Meryl Streep

Philip Seymour Hoffman had an undeniable talent for becoming the characters he portrayed.. Similarly, Meryl Streep has displayed a chameleon-like ability to inhabit her characters fully.

The Charismatics: Samuel L. Jackson And Morgan Freeman

Samuel L. Jackson, with his iconic voice and undeniable screen presence, has often turned supporting roles into standout performances.  Morgan Freeman has that kind of gravitas that draws viewers in.

The Veterans: Christopher Walken And Judi Dench

Christopher Walken has been a perennial scene-stealer with his unique cadence and unparalleled charisma. Judi Dench, on the other hand, brings a sense of class and dignity to her roles.

The Innovators: Viola Davis And Steve Buscemi

Viola Davis is a powerhouse who can captivate an audience with just a single glance. Steve Buscemi often plays quirky or offbeat characters but does so with a humanity that makes them compelling.

The Up-And-Comers: Brad Pitt And Cate Blanchett

Although they are often in leading roles, both Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett have turned in unforgettable supporting performances.