Euphoria Season 3 Might Be Canceled


Sam Levinson’s hit show, Euphoria, has been making waves since its debut on HBO in 2019.

Euphoria Season 3

Fans much-awaited confirmed its third season in 2024. But recent events have thrown a wrench in those plans.

The Idol

Trouble started when teasers from Levinson’s new show, The Idol, emerged. Many have raised eyebrows at the unsettling content hinted in the teasers, even coining terms like “Torture P*rn” to describe it.

Sam Levinson

While Sam Levinson is known for his edgy and unique storytelling in Euphoria, this new show seems to have taken a different route.

The Idol Controversial Scenes

Although it’s worth noting that some of the most controversial scenes described were ultimately not filmed, it’s caused quite a stir in the entertainment world.

Euphoria Season 3

Rumors suggest that Levinson’s ongoing controversies might lead to a cancellation.

Euphoria Season 3

For now, fans of Euphoria are left waiting, hoping that the drama surrounding Levinson won’t overshadow the stories they’ve come to love.