Barbie Becomes Top Grossing Comedy & Warner Bros. Film In US History

Box Office Records

Since its 2023 release, “Barbie” has taken the box office by storm, setting impressive new records.


Directed by the talented Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie as the iconic Barbie with Ryan Gosling as her Ken, the film dives deep into a tale of self-discovery.

Female Director

Thanks to its powerful performances and engaging plot, “Barbie” set a record for the biggest opening weekend by a female director.

Home Alone

Previously, the domestic comedy crown was held by the 1990 classic “Home Alone,” which had reigned for over three decades with its $285 million gross.

The Hangover Part 2

On the global stage, “Barbie” trumps the former top-grossing comedy, “The Hangover Part II,” which stood at $586 million, by raking in a staggering $816 million before its third weekend could even commence.

Still more to come

With the momentum it holds, industry insiders are watching closely to see what other records “Barbie” might redefine next.