Why do People Like Billie Eilish?

Not just your typical pop star, but Billie Eilish seems to have managed to hit the sweet spot in this generation. We’d say that Billie is loved and hated in equal measures, though.  Yes, some people argue that she is boyish, very naughty, and not talented at all. In fact, we have seen a couple … Read more

How did Anakin get his Scar on his Eye?

If you’ve watched Star Wars mythos, you undoubtedly like this character. Anakin Skywalker is one of the biggest names in the Skywalker Saga — in fact, there really is no story without him.  But, the fact that the movie star quit Hollywood a few years ago is not quite a matter of interest to the … Read more

Is Tamron Hall related to Arsenio Hall?

Tamron Hall is an Afro-American TV star. She has served as a beaming role model for the Afro-American Youth. She is also part of the National Association of Black Journalists. As an active member of the group, she has raised her voice on many important issues, from domestic abuse to even discrimination in the entertainment … Read more

Is Lester Holt Black?

It has become increasingly vital that we are aware of everything we say. Our insensitive comments or friendly jokes can offend people without knowing. It is very easy to fall into the trap of cultural appropriation. People of color all over the world are fighting for their rights and raising awareness around the issues of … Read more

Is Thomas Sanders Gay?

With Pride Month in full swing, it is a good idea to cover some of the influential names in the entertainment industry who have openly come out as gay. Every year, we know June as the month of pride for the LGBTQ community. This month is a reminder to society that you should be proud … Read more

Is Chanel West Coast Trans?

Chelsea Chanel Dudley, or as she is popularly known, “Chanel West Coast, ” is a multi-talented rapper rising to stardom in the entertainment industry. Her looks and fierce voice have gained her many loyal fans. Even though the star is in her thirties, she is just as relevant in the industry as any other singer. … Read more

Amanda Gorman Net Worth

She made her name known with The Hill To Climb poem she performed at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. But this was not the first time Amanda Gorman was scaling the heights of her talent. In 2017, she made history as the first Youth Poet Laureate in the US. Her performance during the inauguration also made … Read more

What Does Deku Mean?

Ever since Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) started, you could easily observe the tainted relationship between Kacchan (Bakugo) and Izuku Midoriya. While they were still young, Bakugo nicknamed Midoriya “Deku.” But where did this name come from? Why did Bakugo nickname him? These are some of the many questions being asked on the … Read more

What is Jorge Nava Net Worth?

Jorge Nava was undoubtedly a sensation on ‘90 Day Fiance,’ especially after he got married to Anfisa. The two were the talk of the town for quite some time, although they had a rocky marriage that eventually led to a divorce. Nava once spoke about how much he spent in their relationship, the gifts and … Read more