The Most Liked Comment on YouTube

YouTube is a platform where people use the comment section to describe how they feel about a particular video.

Comment sections are filled with people’s opinions and feedback about content as well as constructive criticism.

It has millions of comments but have you ever wondered which comment has the highest number of likes on YouTube? 

YouTube video with the most liked comment 

Currently, the most liked comment on a video is posted under one of BTS’s latest music release. It broke the record of its previous holder which was a comment under Billie Eilish’s song video. It became the most-liked comment for 2020 when it hit 6.5 million likes making it the most liked comment from last year. 

This is not the first time for a BTS music video as the previously released, Gangnam style, was also once a video with the most liked comment. Dynamite’s music video revolves around a message of hope and encouragement during the difficult situations many are finding themselves during the coronavirus pandemic. The entire song is fully sung in English adding to the popularity of the music video. The video has been produced by David Stewart. 

Back in 2019, the most liked comment on youtube was under the video of Billie Eilish’s song, Bad Guy. ‘Bad guy’, which was released earlier in March, was a hit. The video stars the singer herself where she is seen doing oddly ludicrous things such as taking off her braces and handing them over to a bouncer. 

The video also consists of other such scenes such as the singer messing up her face with blood flowing from her nose and lying on a man’s back who is doing push-ups. The song is part of Eilish’s album known as “when we fall asleep”. 

The most liked comment

The comment that has been liked most on Billie Eilish’s song video reads as ‘I’m the bald guy’ and has been posted by Seth Everman. He is himself a musician and a YouTuber. The comment has had 3 million likes since 16th January 2020 and has been replaced by a comment on the music video ‘Dynamite.’ Dynamite hasn’t been the first of BTS’s song videos to have received a comment with the highest likes. The previous records were also set by comments on their song videos such as that of ‘

Seth Everman noticed that his comment has been most liked and took it to Twitter where he asked for a golden award for having made such an achievement. He also made a funny video about ‘how to create Billie Eilish’s bad guy’ which has also been very popular on YouTube. 

What made it the most liked comment on YouTube?

Everman is a well-known Youtuber and also a magician with many fans. It is no surprise that his comments got a lot of likes as many simply liked it for being from a content maker they like. Seth is one of the most popular YouTubers in Sweden with the highest number of subscribers who love him for his laudable parodies. The comment is probably liked for being funny and for the fact that it comes from a well-known comedian with many fans out there. 

YouTube videos with most likes

It has been noticed based on facts that comments on music videos are mostly receiving the highest number of likes. Out of the 30 most liked comments on YouTube, more than a half are under music videos. The list includes Despacito by Louis Fonsi, Señorita by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, Baby by Justin Bieber, and many more. This is mostly because these videos are one of the most viewed and liked videos as people view them over and over again for listening to music. 

Other comments that have been liked a lot

Surely there is a large number of comments that have had many likes. The number of comments that receive most times is highly variable since new and fresh content is being added on YouTube each day. 

However, there is a list of comments below that are or have been once the most liked comments on YouTube. 

  1. England is my city, New York is my pond, china is my building, earth is my address by Zemzy Oseris (3.2K likes) 
  1. This new Roblox update is awesome by Grandday (366K likes) 
  1. Subscribed by PewDiePie (274K likes)
  1. RIP ninja… that damn ligma by Ninja (119K likes)
  1. I’m impressed. They manage to make it worse every year (363K likes)
  1. Our brand new single symphony with Zara Larsson is out now!!! Eeeeek hope you like it by Clean Bandit (200K likes)
  1. Lil Dicky: We love the Earth

            National Geographic: Same though 

            By national Geographic (806K likes)

  1. 2017 was the year of Diss Tracks

            2018 was the year of Fortnite 

            2019 will be the year of Animation Collabs 

            By Jeremy Boatneg (3.2K likes) 

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