Taliesin Jaffe Biography – Net Worth, Relationship & Career

Taliesin is a renowned actor and screenwriter who hails from America. He started his acting career when he was six years old. Taliesin is a multi-talented individual who did many things, including acting, screenwriting, and voice-over. His remarkable work in the entertainment industry has earned him great success and fame. 

Early life

He was born on January 19, 1977, in Los Angeles, California. His birth name is Taliesin Axelrod Jaffe. He is one of the best-known actors and producers who have made their way in this industry on the basis of hardwork. He is an American citizen who is of white ethnicity. His father is Robert Jaffe, while his mother is Nina Axelrod. His mom also worked in the entertainment industry. He has a brother whose name is Alex Jaffe. He was greatly influenced by his family.


His high school and university are still not known. He never discussed his school or his education with the media. He started his acting career when he was six years old. His parents and grandparents were very influential. Many of them were associated with the entertainment industry. This is the reason for his passion for dramatic art that led him to a successful acting career. 

Acting career

Taliesin was raised among people who worked in Hollywood. This environment had a major impact on him that led him to a career he was passionate about. When he was 6, he appeared in a comedy called Mr. Mom. Then, his acting career took a turn and in 2010, he made a lead role in a science fiction called 2010: The year we make contact. Taliesin has worked with considerable dedication in the field of comedy. After doing successful films, he turned to voice-over. 

Voice Over career 

Taliesin has an amazing voice that helped him reach high in his life. He became interested in voiceover at the beginning of 2000. He took a chance in voice acting and, fortunately, he was successful. He offered his voice to an animated Japanese television program, which opened up many new avenues for him in this field. Moreover, he played a voice role in “Black cat”.

Why do Taliesin Jaffe’s hands shake?

In 2015 some fans noticed that his hands were shaking and reached out to him on Twitter, asking if he is alright? It turned out that he has a tremor.

His career as a writer

Taliesin was lucky enough to follow his dreams. While pursuing his career as an actor, Taliesin demonstrated to the audience that he knew how to write scripts. Without a doubt, he’s got immeasurable talents.

He made himself worthy in all the areas in which he entered, be it the acting, the scriptwriting, or the voice over. Jaffe was the lead author of the dubbed version of the animated movie “Spirit of Wonder”.

Relationship status

Taliesin never talked about who he was dating or who he is going to marry. But some very strange news came up and the fans were shocked to hear that he is bisexual.

He committed this on a show by saying that he supports the LGBTQ community. However, we must respect the decision of others. Everybody’s got a way of life. We need to be supportive and encouraging. 

Net worth

Multitasking Taliesin has done a wonderful job with acting. Despite his successful acting career, he has enjoyed a distinguished career in vocal performance. He also served as a director and writer. All these things lead him to win a huge fan following and appreciation among people.

His followers appreciate him for his incredible versatility. He made a great deal of money by doing acting, screenwriting, and voice-over. It is estimated that his net worth is around $5 million. He leads a luxury lifestyle in the United States. He attracts the public’s attention through his fashion sense, different hairstyles, and his acting talents.