Sean Kyle Swayze Biography: Net Worth, Movies, Age and Interesting Facts

Sean Kyle Swayze is the younger sibling to the late American actor Patrick Swayze. He is known as Sean. He currently resides in California.

Early life:

Sean Kyle was born in 1962 in Texas, Houston. This man is 58 years old. He is the son of Jesse Wayne Swayze, who was an alcohol addict. His dad was an engineering designer by profession. His mother’s name is Patsy Yvonne Helen Swayze. She served as a dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher in the United States. He had a passion for dance and art since childhood. His mother, Patsy, trained him to dance along with his siblings.


Sean has 4 siblings named Vicky, Don, Patrick, and Bora. He was a decade younger than Patrick. Patrick was an American actor who started his career as a dancer. He was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in 2009. Of his four brothers and sisters, he is one of the shyest in the media. He never exposed his personal life to the press. Sean’s got four siblings, but two of them are no longer alive. His brother Don is an actor who was part of the Netflix show called Longmire.

Death of his siblings and parents:

He lost his sister Vicky in 1994. It is said that she committed suicide. After Vicky died, Patrick, Don, and Bora got emotionally shattered. After some years, Patrick was diagnosed with cancer and died in 2009, leaving his family traumatized. After his father passed away in 1982, Sean lost his mother in 2013, who died of a heart attack at home. It was such a challenging phase in his life. He went through many dark nights and bad experiences in those past years.

Marriage and Children:

Sean does not enjoy sharing his personal life with the media, but it turns out that he lives a peaceful and happy life with his wife and daughter. In 1988, He married Jami Swayze. Their daughter’s name is Cassie Swayze. Sean has a daughter who is married and has two children. Sean is living a quite enjoyable life with his wife and his grandchildren. Sean leads a very pleasant life with his wife and grandkids.

Sean’s dispute with Lisa:

With the death of his beloved brother, Patrick, things have changed a great deal. He had to deal with several problems with his family. Lisa Niemi, Patrick Swayze’s wife, ran into trouble with Sean after the death of Patrick. Lisa accused Patrick’s mom of being impolite to her. Sean made a statement about Lisa and stated that these allegations were made for the sake of sympathy. He went on to say that Lisa was doing all this for the money. Sean claimed that Lisa sold off everything Patrick bought her.

Sean’s appearance in movies:

Sean is some sort of private person who doesn’t want to share his life with the media and people. He has performed in some films and television programs. Sean played minor parts in the movies. He earned a lot of money with those small roles in different movies.

Sean Kyle Swayze Net Worth

He has a net worth of approximately one million dollars. This is not an exact figure, just an approximate estimate. Although he does lead a pretty lavish life with his family. His brother Patrick had a net worth of 40 million dollars before he passed away.

Fun facts about Sean Kyle Swayze:

  • Sean Kyle Swayze is the younger brother of late American actor Patrick Swayze.
  • His mother, Patsy, was an American citizen and a dancer by profession.
  • He took dance training from his mother when he was growing up.
  • Sean is a low-key person who does not like to share his personal life with the media.
  • Sean lost his brother Patrick as a result of cancer and his sister Vicky committed suicide.
  • Sean has a daughter by the name of Cassie. He has two grandchildren as well.