Phoebe Adele Gates – All you need to know (Education, Net Worth, Interesting Facts)

Phoebe Adele Gates is the youngest daughter of Bill Gates, a famous tech personality. She is the daughter of a billionaire and CEO of Microsoft. Her father is a world-famous businessman and one of the wealthiest people in the world.

Early life:

Phoebe Adele was born in Seattle, Washington D.C on September 14, 2002. She is Melinda and Bill Gates’ third and youngest daughter. Phoebe is an 18-year-old girl with the perfect combination of beauty and brain. She has two siblings, an older sister Jennifer Gates and her brother Rory Gates.

Phoebe is a gorgeous and tall girl with 5 feet and 10 inches height. Her talented parents made her a wonderful child from day one. She got noticed because of her billionaire dad. She’s a single girl with great ambitions.


Phoebe grew up as a child in an ordinary family. Her mother and father were strict with her at first. Bill and Melinda kept their kids away from cell phones and the internet for a long time. Phoebe got her first cell phone by the time she was thirteen. Just as typical possessive parents, Bill and Melinda did not permit their children especially Phoebe to use social media.

Her parents imposed strict rules on her so she would understand the value of hard work. Bill Gates has proven that there is nothing to stop you from succeeding if you are sincere and passionate about your work. Her mother, Melinda, is co-chairman of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Besides, she is of Irish and German ethnicity and has American citizenship. 

School Education:

Bill Gates has a great sensitivity to his children and their upbringing. Her daughter, Phoebe, now attends the same school that he attended before.

She is currently enrolled at the Professional Children’s School in New York. This school is regarded as the finest private school in Washington. Also this highly prestigious school costs around $33,000 per year. 

Ballet and Art School:

Phoebe took an interest in ballet from a very young age. To pursue her dream of becoming a ballerina she participated in ballet dance classes at the Lincoln Center. As well, she joined the American Ballet Theatre for a while. Phoebe attended a private art school known as The Juilliard

School in New York City where students learn theatre, art, dance, and music. Phoebe had the privilege of going to these wonderful schools. Her sister Jennifer obtained her degree from Stanford University proving her intelligence and hard work. 

Her passion:

Youngsters have a greater interest in dance, music, and the arts. Phoebe falls into that category. Not only does she love to dance, but she has an interest in music, reading, writing, and art. Despite her other siblings, she was interested in computing from a young age, as was her father. It is truly interesting to see how the children of such a well-built empire choose other things to do.


Some Fun Facts about Phoebe Adele Gates:

  • Phoebe leads a lavish lifestyle with her family. Bill Gates said in an interview that he would like his children to spend more time with their families, not on mobile phones.
  • Like everyone else, a technology billionaire’s daughter loves to eat burgers.
  • Phoebe is interested in a variety of activities such as swimming, reading, ziplining, hiking, and traveling. She is an adventurer and loves exploring the world. 
  • Phoebe earned early recognition as a member of Wonderslist’s Ten Most Beautiful Children.
  • Bill Gates often suggests various books for reading. She is an avid reader and inherited the habit of reading from her dad. “Turtles all the way down” is her favorite book she loved reading.
  • She was raised strictly by her parents. Malinda and Gates allowed her to use the Internet and her cellphone at the age of 14. Pompeii is her all-time favorite movie. 
  • Phoebe was crazy about dancing. Her obsession turned her into a professional ballet dancer. She has trained in various dance schools that are well known for teaching ballet. 
  • Everybody wants to know how rich and privileged children live and what they like best. Like a lot of ordinary folks, Phoebe loves red and black color. 
  • She resides in a $120 million luxury home with her family at the Gates Residence in Medina near Lake Washington.
  • Phoebe is warm-hearted and wants to serve humanity. She frequently takes part in charitable activities, as do her family members. 
  • Bill Gates said to his children that he would only give $10 million to all of his kids. Furthermore, he announced that alongside this all his wealth will go to charity after his death. And surprisingly, all of his children, including Phoebe, agree with this decision, as Malinda and Bill have made a habit of working hard with their children.