Does Dwayne Johnson use Steroids?

Whenever we hear the word “The Rock”, we can easily imagine who he is. Dwayne Johnson, generally known as The Rock, is one of the most consistent action stars and athletes. Has Dwayne Johnson been on any steroids? That seems strange when the steroids and Dwayne Johnson got together. Everybody is curious about whether he’s … Read more

Does Rihanna write her own songs?

Rihanna is a world-famous music star with a special music genre. Although she is famous for her charitable works, her impeccable sense of fashion, and definitively her top and bestselling hit music. She has many hit songs she has sung in her incredible voice. It may not be wrong to call her the greatest artist … Read more

What is Cardi B’s Accent?


Cardi B, an amazing composer, rapper, and music superstar is known above all for her different accent. Her family origins are Trinidadians and Dominicans. She’s got a mixture of various accents by growing up in the Bronx. Everybody wants to know why she has such a different accent. Her parents are Dominican and Trinidadian, maybe … Read more

Dave Portnoy Height: How Tall Is He Really?

“I don’t care what this voodoo pizza box science says. I am NOT 4 feet tall. It’s rubbish and it’s garbage.” The founder of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, has received too much attention as people keep asking how tall he is. Many sources have listed his height to be anything between 5’7” and 6’2”.  On … Read more

Who was Ted Jorgensen? The life of Bezos’ Father

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, and founder is among the top richest people in the world. Ted. Ted Jorgensen was the biological father of Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. Ted Jorgensen was the owner of a bicycle store in Glendale, Arizona.  Early life Jeff’s biological father, Ted, was born in Chicago on October 10th, 1944. … Read more

Phoebe Adele Gates – All you need to know (Education, Net Worth, Interesting Facts)

Phoebe Adele Gates is the youngest daughter of Bill Gates, a famous tech personality. She is the daughter of a billionaire and CEO of Microsoft. Her father is a world-famous businessman and one of the wealthiest people in the world. Погледајте ову објаву у апликацији Instagram Објава коју дели Phoebe Gates (@pheebeegates) Early life: Phoebe … Read more

Liza Powel O’Brien: Wiki & Interesting Facts About Conan O’Brien’s Wife

liza powel obrien conans wife

Liza Powell is a celebrated American screenwriter and a former advertising executive. Conan O’Brien’s name is well known to all. Conan O’Brien is one of the world’s best-known comedians. His wife Liza Powell O’Brien is nothing less than Conan O’Brien. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Conan O’Brien (@conanobrienhere) Early life: Liza … Read more