Does Demi Lovato speaks Spanish: is she, Latina?

When such a popular singer like Demi Lovato sings so well in Spanish, and it’s just normal for the world to wonder whether she is Latina or not?   Her Spanish eloquence in “Echame La Culpa” raised more questions on her bilingual skills. Is she Latina? Demi Lovato is Latina with Mexican ancestry through her … Read more

How old was Itachi when he died?

Itachi was such a tearjerker character in Naruto, a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. His story was full of twists and turns, which took the audience on a rollercoaster ride along with it.  When the truth was revealed about Itachi’s death, his perception to many of the anime’s fans changed utterly. … Read more

Why Do People Hate Brie Larson So Much?

Ever been so good, and one mistake spoils everything? Brie Larson has been the center of much controversy over the years.  Ever since she was cast in Captain Marvel, rumors and controversies have been part of her. You can just try posting your love for her as Captain Marvel to trigger angry fans who are … Read more

What nationality is Dwayne The Rock Johnson?

How many of you are fans of The Rock? We guess at least a couple of you! Someone who’s typically known for his strength is actor Dwayne the Rock Johnson, who everyone loves. Your boy has found himself between the Rock and a Heart place, who’s traditionally depicted as a dark-skinned, black man whereas Johnson … Read more

Whatever Happened to Manuela Escobar? Everything you Need to Know

Manuela Escobar is the only daughter of Pablo Escobar, the notorious Columbian cocaine dealer. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was a Colombian drug trafficker who earned billions through this dirty business. He was known as the “king of cocaine.” According to Forbes, Pablo was one of the top 10 richest people.  Early Life Being the daughter … Read more

Who is Metal Lee’s mom?

You must be a Naruto fan if you’re looking for an answer to who is the mother of Metal lee. Being an anime lover drives you crazy because you’re excited about learning and discovering every bit of information. As a Naruto fan, you are familiar with Metal Lee. But the question that leaves us surprised … Read more

Is Conan Gray gay?

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Who is William John Garner a Father of Jennifer Garner?

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How Did Tommy Wiseau Make His Money?

tommy wiseau

You may not be familiar with Tommy Wiseau’s name, but he is an American actor, writer, and producer which is known for his flop series “The Room”. His career in production and acting has cost him a great deal of money. It is said that he spent $6 million on the production of this film, … Read more

Is Laura Prepon a Scientologist?

laura prepon

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