Who is Bo Burnham’s Wife? Is he Married?

After fans watched the Netflix documentary called “Bo Burnham: Inside”, many were left confused about whether the popular producer was single or not.  Well, sorry to disappoint you ladies, but Bo Burnham is very much taken – almost a decade in fact.  Although Bo is not married he is living with his partner Lorene Scafaria, … Read more

What Happened to Clinton Kelly?

When it first came on air, What Not to Wear was the “go.” Indeed, there were very few things as satisfying as seeing $5000 glow-ups and makeovers on the TLC show. Additionally, the show’s hosts, Clinton Kelly and Stacy London chemistry gave reality TV a fresh breath of air. They offered the best make-up tips, … Read more

Who is Anna Strout? Meet Jesse Eisenberg’s Wife

Jesse Eisenberg’s wife has been a mystery for a long time now. Not much is known about her, maybe because her husband has kept her out of the limelight. Similarly, she might be an introvert who prefers to keep her affairs private. Well, we went digging, and here’s all we could find on the enigmatic … Read more

Who Is Kayla Harrison’s Husband? Is She Married?

Those who say “men are stronger than women” probably haven’t taken Kayla Harrison into consideration… Kayla is a professional fighter in the UFC and is a judo black belt holder with an impeccable skill set that makes her one of the best female fighters in UFC history. But it seems that people wonder more about … Read more

What Happened To Topher Grace?

While Topher Grace was That 70’s Show star, he didn’t stick around to the end. The actor chose to leave the show to pursue other endeavors. As you recall, That 70s Show was one of the hits back in the day. It had you transfixed on your small screen because it had a lot of … Read more

Is Sydney Sweeney A Real MMA Fighter?

Is Sydney Sweeney a real MMA fighter? That’s the question everyone is asking ever since she showed her boxing and martial arts workout on Instagram. Is Sydney Sweeney A Real MMA fighter? Sydney Sweeney is a real MMA fighter and has been training since she was 14. She also competed in grappling in school. In … Read more

Is Burt Reynolds related to Ryan Reynolds?

One of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, Ryan Reynolds’ roles in Deadpool and Green Lantern films earned him clout. His recent movies, including Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw and Pokemon Detective Pikachu, have done exceptionally well at the box office. Aside from his unusual looks and flamboyant demeanor, the actor ranks among the … Read more

Who Is Becky Hammon’s Husband? Is She Married?

Becky Hammon, a living basketball legend both in the WNBA and NBA, is reportedly happily married for quite some time now. However, the information as to who is the lucky guy has been hard to dig up until recently, mainly because the lucky guy isn’t a guy.  Becky is married to Brenda Milano, another beautiful … Read more