Are Diana Keaton and Michael Keaton related?

diane keaton michael keaton

When Michael Douglas picked Keaton as his stage name, rumors of his relationship with Diana spiraled. Some thought that the two were related by blood. Others saw it as a mere name change that had nothing to do with his relationship with Diana. But what really motivated the Keaton name change? Are the two really … Read more

Did Sheryl Crow Date Kid Rock?

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Is Eric Christian Olsen related to the Olsen Twins?

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Did Hillary Duff really go to Harvard?

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Is Zack Efron Married?

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Does The Rock Have A Twin Brother?

When it comes to celebrities, conspiracy theories abound. This is the case when you talk about blockbuster celebrities like Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock! It’s no secret that The Rock is one of the most famous people on the planet. He has starred in high-rated movies and TV shows such as Jumanji, Moana, Ballers, and … Read more

Can Amanda Seyfried Really Sing?

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Is Don Johnson Still Married?

Since Don Johnson’s appearance as James “Sonny” Crocket in Miami Vice, the actor has been a staple brand both on and off the screen. Coupled with his fame on the screen, Don Johnson has made headlines due to his high-profile relationships. His famous family members are also large contributors to his brand. Fifty Shades of … Read more

Why Did Hannibal Quit Eric Andre?

Have you ever wondered what the story is behind Hannibal Buress quitting The Eric Andre Show? Well, if not, here’s the scoop. Harrison Buress Background Hannibal Buress is an American stand-up comedian and actor who has been touring all over the globe for years now. He has also featured in various T.V. shows and films. … Read more