Who is Tasya Teles Husband? Is She Married?

Tasya Teles is not married, but she is in an unconfirmed relationship with Sachin Sahel, a professional stunt master, actor, and cast crew. A few years ago Sachin claimed on Twitter that Tasya is his wife but that was a show for the public. Teles and Sahel started dating sometime in 2017. An example was in … Read more

The Real Reason Jessica Brown Findlay Left Downton Abbey

Jessica Brown Findlay

The gorgeous actress Jessica Findlay (full name Jessica Rose Brown Findlay) is popular for her portrayal of Lady Sybil Crawley in the TV series “Downton Abbey”. We are here to find out why she left. Why did Jessica leave Downton Abbey? There’s no secret behind Jessica’s leaving.  Jessica Brown Findlay spoke about her determination to … Read more

Mary Padian Now After The ‘Storage Wars’

mary padian

The 42-year-old Mary Padian is still in the spotlight again after a long break from the media. Mary was part of the main “cast” in the reality series called “Storage Wars: Texas” and for many was the only reason to watch the show. What Pamela Anderson was for ‘Baywatch’ back in the day, Mary was … Read more

Marcy Wudarski: Meet James Gandolfini’s First Wife

Most people know Marcy Wudarski as the first wife of the legendary James Gandolfini. Despite his humongous success as a film director, James failed terribly when it came to love.  This was especially true of his first wife, Marcy Wudarski. After their divorce, they had difficulty adjusting to the new setting. However, when all was said … Read more

Who is Lindsey Jacobellis’ Husband? Is she Married? 

Lindsey Jacobellis is not married. The Olympic champion was in a relationship with Adam Bakkedahl, but they split. She also dated Jesse Heilman before her relationship with Bakkedahl. Currently, Jacobellis is single. Let us look at the details of her previous relationships.  Lindsey Jacobellis Dating History Let us look at the details of her previous relationships. … Read more

Who Is Zoe Francois’ Husband Graham Francois?

Having a wife who’s an A-list chef is probably a dream come true for a huge percentage of guys around the world.  Well, Graham Francois actually made that dream come true when he married Zoe Francois, a popular pastry chef and published author.  Zoe is a pastry chef who also specializes in sweets, and she … Read more