Are Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg Friends?

Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg were the deal in the aughts! Truly, a great duo can become anything – and Kristen and Jesse could morph into anything! One of the best film duos starred in Adventureland in 2009 and confirmed their chemistry in American Ultra in 2015. Kristen and Jesse should have done all their … Read more

Lauren German Net Worth

Lauren German

One of the best hidden gems in Hollywood when it comes to exposing to the public and sharing private life is certainly Lauren German. The reasons to that are unknown but here is what we know about her so far. Lauren German was born Lauren Christine German on November 29, 1978, in Huntington Beach, California. … Read more

Are Lauren German and Tom Ellis dating?

lauren german tom elliss dating

After we witnessed the intense emotions and love sparkles between Chloe and Lucifer throughout all six seasons of Netflix’s top series, people started wondering could all be just an act, or is there anything hiding behind those very convincible scenes of these two characters. We tried to dig deeper and found out….nothing. Well, at least … Read more

Is Tom Hardy from a Rich Family

tom hardy

We all love to hear success stories. It’s just a part of human nature to admire people that worked their way to money. We admire them and we strive to be like them. When it comes to Hollywood, there are a lot of actors who grew up dirt poor and eventually became incredibly rich. Some … Read more

Will Smith on the Night he Spent in Jail

will smith

Now, this is a story all about how Smith’s life  got flipped-turned upside down. And we’d like to take a minute to just sit right there. We’ll tell you how Will became a prisoner in the Pennsylvania jail! We sincerely hope you all get the “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” pun!If some of you don’t … Read more

This is How Much Cillian Murphy Make Per Episode on Peaky Blinders

cillian murphy

The trending Netflix show “Peaky Blinders” follows the life of Thomas Shelby, an infamous Birmingham gangster, and his family. The show displays a lot of drinking, killing, smoking, drugs, dashing outfits, striking haircuts, beautiful women, and of course, the cold-blooded but incredibly charismatic leader of the gang, Tommy Shelby.  Tommy is played by Cillian Murphy, … Read more