Who is Kate Walsh’s boyfriend Andrew Nixon?

Earlier this year, Hollywood superstar Kate Walsh was spotted walking on the beach in Perth with her supposed boyfriend, Andrew Nixon. The famous actress seemed to have found her new love after she was stuck in Australia due to the Covid outbreak. The two seemed comfortable in each other’s company, and people wanted to know … Read more

Nicole Scherzinger Dating History: Talan Torriero, Lewis Hamilton, Grigor Dimitrov, Thom Evans

Scherzinger is currently in a relationship with Thom Evans, and they are very low-key about their love life despite many people being obsessed with how beautiful they look together. Scherzinger first let the world know of her latest relationship with the former Scottish rugby player in 2020. The two looked happy together, courtesy of some … Read more

Who is Jon Bernthal’s Wife Erin Angle?

Jon Bernthal rose to fame as one of the original cast members of the legendary ABC TV series “The Walking Dead.” After his brilliant performance in “The Walking Dead”, Jon started landing some major gigs, with one of the biggest being in the MCU universe as The Punisher. However, his career isn’t the only area … Read more

Who is Brian Baumgartner’s Wife Celeste Ackelson?

Brian Baumgartner is one of the funniest people in Hollywood and the awesome job he has done in the popular mockumentary sitcom TV series “The Office” will confirm that at the very least. Baumgartner met the love of his life, Celeste Ackelson, some time ago before he even got famous and they tied the knot … Read more

Who is Josh Holloway’s Wife Yessica Kumala?

Josh Holloway, the star of “Lost,” and his wife, Yessica Kumala, have been together for over 20 years. Yessica Kumala and Josh Holloway met in an LA nightclub when they had a night out with their friends in 2002. Yessica saw Josh standing at the bar talking to girls, approached him, and tapped his shoulders.  … Read more

James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) Net Worth

After a successful career as a producer and actor, James Gandolfini’s net worth increased due to his best performance as Tony Soprano in The Sopranos.  Those who love watching crime dramas are familiar with the series that made Gandolfini famous.  Not only was he a renowned actor, but his work as an active producer also … Read more

What is Charlie Sheen Up To These Days?

In 2010, Sheen was the highest-paid actor since he made $1.8 million for each episode of Two and a Half Men. The actor’s personal life was a topic of discussion since there were reports on marital issues and alcohol and substance abuse. In 2011, his contract for Two and a Half Men was terminated after … Read more

Who is Conan O’Brien’s Wife Liza Powel O’Brien?

liza powel obrien conans wife

Conan O’Brien is one of the world’s best-known comedians. His wife Liza Powell O’Brien is nothing less than Conan O’Brien. Liza is a celebrated American screenwriter and a former advertising executive. Who is Liza Powel O’Brien? Liza was born on November 12, 1970, in Bainbridge Island, Washington. Her father, Jake Powell, worked as a guitarist. … Read more

Inside Donald Glover and Michelle White’s Relationship

As a musician and actor, Donald Glover, otherwise known as Childish Gambino, is one of the most diverse celebrities. He has achieved a lot, among them being the father of three beautiful kids with his longtime companion, Michelle White. Who is Michelle White? White is an Asian-American woman. Much is not known about how they … Read more