Kate McKinnon’s Girlfriend List

Kate McKinnon is a popular TV show host, best known for hosting “Saturday Night Live.” On top of that, Kate is also an established writer, actress, and comedian. McKinnon is a very cheerful and respectful person, probably one of the main reasons behind her success in both work and her private life.  The host opened … Read more

How did Dustin Milligan and Amanda Crew meet?

The charming Canadian actor Dustin Milligan and beautiful Canadian Actress Amanda Crew are in a steady relationship for more than a decade.  Even though they have been together since 2010, they are not giving out much information about their long relationship. They can’t hide everything from the public, so here are some facts about their … Read more

Maroon 5 Members Ranked From Richest to Poorest

Kara’s Flowers was a band that originated in LA, California back in 1994.  The group was formed by 4 high school friends: Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, drummer Ryan Dusick, and bassist Mickey Madden. After releasing their album ‘’The Fourth World’’ in 1997 they reached little to no response and decided to drop the band and … Read more

Heath Ledger Last Photo

During an interview published in The New York Times in 2007, Ledger revealed that he had difficulty sleeping when he was filming and acting as Joker in the 2008 movie The Dark Knight, resulting in insomnia. He confessed that there were times he slept two hours every night since he could not stop thinking. He … Read more

Where to Watch Dragon Ball Z

The reputation and spread of anime in America have constantly been increasing since the 90s. Dragon Ball Z is one of the most vital shows in developing the spread. Sequel shows and new films have made Dragon Ball popular in pop culture. The latest movie shows the franchise’s popularity as newcomers and longtime supporters increasingly … Read more

Meet Maya Hawke’s Boyfriend Spencer Barnett

For those who are familiar with Stranger Things, they have seen Robin Buckley in season 4. The character, which Maya Hawke plays, first shot to the scene in season 3, and ever since, she has grown into a fan favorite due to her funny one-liners and quirky humor.  By the time season 4 was released, … Read more