Is Michelle Rodriguez Married?

Michelle Rodriguez gradually rose to fame as a star cast in Fast and Furious. Her role as Letty Ortiz in the film saw her draw closer to co-star Vin Diesel and it was rumored that the two were dating. But Michelle has made headlines over the years about her relationships. With this, many fans began … Read more

Are Jane Sasso and Jane Lynch related?

This is a question that many people have asked, given that the two women happen to share names but the answer is not simple. You can, however, read here to find out the reality of the matter. Who is Jane Sasso? Born in 1965 to parents Carol and Alexander Baldwin, Jane Sasso is a former … Read more

What Is Nolan Gould’s IQ?

Do you remember Luke Dunphy of the Dunphy family in the ABC sitcom Modern Family? It is played by the popular actor Nolan Gould. Ever since he revealed his IQ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, everyone is surprised. It is so because he is not someone you would call the smart one in the show. … Read more

How did Hillary Burton and Jeffrey Morgan meet?

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Is Jordana Brewster related to Vin Diesel?

When talented action figure Vin Diesel called Jordana Brewster his ‘best sister’ the internet was ablaze with rumors and half-truths. Some factions concluded that Brewster was Vin’s sister. Others analyzed the video with the third eye, stating that the two were dating. But in the film, Brewster plays Mia Toretto, Diesel’s sister! A lot of … Read more

Is Jacob Sartorius actually adopted?

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Why did Mandy Moore Quit Singing?

Not too long, Mandy Moore almost gave up hope! She thought that the best parts of her life were behind her. Even though she had dreams of being a musician and songwriter, she failed to make music in years. This was also the case for her acting career, which looked done and dusted. Much of … Read more

Is Stevie Wonder Really Blind?

is stevie wonder blind

Despite various testimonies on Stevie Wonder’s eyesight condition, various factions of people have the question deep down if he is truly blind. These contradictory claims have surfaced with doubts about the musician’s condition because of public figures such as Shaq and himself. However, despite various stories being told of the man, let’s begin by first … Read more

What is Bill Gates IQ?

bill gates

Bill Gates, known as one of the wealthiest individuals globally, has been among the major change initiators in the world. Bill’s wealth comes hugely from his technology innovation of Microsoft and the formation of Microsoft Cooperation with his friend Paul Allen. He built a company that would stimulate the technology revolution from dropping out of … Read more

Did Tom Hardy Really lift Christian Bale?

When the blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises premiered, DC comic fans flooded cinemas to witness the greatness! For most fans, this was a usual Nolan masterpiece, and they knew what to expect. Other fans were excited by the prospect of watching a Christian Bale versus Tom Hardy film! And they were right! In the aftermath … Read more