Is Lily Pearl Black Adopted?

Lily Pearl Black came to this world on May 8, 2001, to Clint Black and Lisa Hartman. The couple got married in 1991 but decided they did not want a child immediately. When they thought it was finally time to have a kid, it took them some time to conceive.  Lily’s birth brought great joy … Read more

Who is Narvel Blackstock? Meet Reba McEntire’s Ex-Husband

Narvel Blackstock is a television producer, music manager, previously a steel guitar player, and the ex-husband of a famous 50’s American country singer, Reba McEntire. Before he married McEntire, he was part of her band, which is how the couple met.  First Marriage, Divorce, And Second Marriage  Narvel Blackstock married Elisa Gayle Ritter in 1976. … Read more

Is Eminem a Billionaire?

Marshall Bruce Mathers, popularly known by his stage name Eminem is one of the most commercially successful rappers. His raw talent and hard work have transformed him into one of the richest rappers of all time. Eminem has a wide mix of income streams from concerts, acting, producing, endorsements, business deals, and album sales. With … Read more

Is Eminem Left or Right-Handed?

When we talk about a famous personality or a public celebrity, we know how people are curious about anything and everything when it comes to knowing more about their idols or celebrity crushes and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.  And if there’s someone like Eminem on the list, you simply can’t help but search … Read more

What is ‘The A-Team’ by Ed Sheeran about

Es Sheeran The A team song about

The A-Team is a song composed and sung by Ed Sheeran in 2011. This song is based on the true story of a girl. Music is an expression of thoughts that can relate to everything you have ever encountered. If you listen to a song, you may feel connected to it. The best thing about … Read more

Who is Jill Tavelman? The Life of Phil Collins’ Ex-wife

There’s more to know about Jill Tavelman than just being the ex-wife of artist Phil Collins, the Grammy award-winning artist. Her ex-husband has been married and divorced three times. We talk more about Jill’s less-known facts, bio, age, relationships, career, and net worth. Tavelman was born on April 19, 1956, in Los Angeles County, California. … Read more

Meet Catherine Bell’s Girlfriend Brooke Daniells

It’s safe to say that Brooke Daniels is the Jack of all trades. She has undoubtedly collected fame in different industries from being a film actor, producer, writer, and photographer.  However, what brought her more into the limelight is not all these careers. What made her a topic of discussion is her revelation of being … Read more

Is Henry Cavill on Steroids?

Can you talk of superheroes and forget Superman? Henry Cavill is the latest superman and one of the best renditions of this character. While it is common for actors to use steroids to get their bodies buffed, Henry refused to get on drugs for his role in “Man Of Steel ” and any consecutive movies. … Read more

Casey Neistat Tattoo Collection: Flower, Do More & Work Harder

Undoubtedly tattoos are just a beautiful piece of art and creativity. Tattoos may be a form of symbolizing transformation, permanence, and beauty. Moreso, they are a medium of expressing one’s emotions or commemorating a particular incident. Therefore one should have a deep understanding before getting their tattoo done. Casey Neistat seems to have clarity on … Read more

Is Vin Diesel Really Bald or is it Just His Look?

Vin Diesel is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. Not only is he a badass, but his reputation describes him as quite the gentleman and a very charismatic personality. Not only has he done a great job of providing his fans with a great number of hit action movies over the years, but he … Read more