Old Grannies TikTok Meme Explained

Trends on TikTok go viral extremely fast.

All it takes is one popular TikTok star to post something interesting and soon your feed will be overwhelmed with the same post.

Accounts copy one another, and before you know it the whole world is informed on the trend.

One of the current popular trends among TikTok users is the old granny meme. If you use TikTok, chances are you’ve seen this kind of post at least once in the past few days. 

old grannies

While grandparents can be an adorable and funny bunch, this trend isn’t really about them (despite the name of the trend).

The old grannie trend is actually a bit disturbing and shocking for most viewers. 

The trend goes like this; a popular TikToker posts a video telling their followers NOT to search for old grannies on Google and go to pictures.

They even give a second warning as well. Of course, the followers don’t listen and search for it anyways. It’s safe to say they are shocked by what they see. We’ll explain why in a minute. 

The trend also seems to have gone viral on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter, we can see users publish posts such as, “PLEASE, DO NOT GO TO GOOGLE AND SEARCH FOR OLD GRANNIES. AND DEFINITELY DO NOT GO TO IMAGES. Damn, you really fooled me this time TikTok.”

Another Twit said, “I just got word on this new TikTok trend telling everyone not to search for old grannie images on Google. What’s up with this?”

So, what does actually happen once you go to images after Googling old grannies? Unfortunately, you won’t find any cute or humorous videos of someone’s grandparents doing something funny.

The search actually leads to thousands of explicit photos featuring, well, old grannies. These aren’t any “soft” pictures either; it’s some serious X-rated stuff you will find. 

Why do people Google this even after they are warned not to? Well, the answer probably lies within human nature. It’s our natural response to do something after we were warned not to.

Our brain becomes intrigued and just has to see what will happen once we do it. You probably won’t find any interesting photos after Googling old grannies, but you probably will have a good laugh about it.

Hell, you might even recommend some of your friends NOT to Google it. 

There are some viewers that are completely horrified with this trend and complain about the people that start these kinds of trends in the first place. However, although the pictures won’t be very pleasant, there isn’t really any harm done to anyone involved.

Plus, you have been warned not to Google it, so why do it if you are going to criticize it later. Its creative initiatives like this that make the world of social media go round, and as long as these trends don’t harm anyone, why not share a laugh. 

They say that curiosity killed a cat. Well, in this case, curiosity actually led to naked old grannie photos.