Niece Waidhofer Net Worth, Bio and Roast me Story

Making the most out of what nature gives you is one of the greatest tips to success. Niece Waidhofer is definitely one woman who has maximized hers.

With her slim body, attractive curves, pretty lingerie, and daring postures, she has turned into a celebrity overnight. 

Keep reading to know more about this young Instagram star! Who is she behind all those bold images that expose every inch of his beauty?

Family and Personal life

Niece was born on August 27, 1990, in the United States.

There is no much information about her parents, siblings, or specific place of birth, but she is reportedly from Dallas, Texas.

Even though she is happy in modeling,  according to  The Chive magazine Niece wanted to be a nurse when she first went to college.

About Niece Waidhofer

Niece is a young Instagram model. She takes photos in different settings, clothes, accessories, and with diverse means.

Most of her photos are cute and bold which some may claim to be on the verge of being shameless. But, her photos have gained popularity on Instagram. Besides fame, it is also her source of income.

The young star has also tried to become a real model and a film star too.

How did she rise to fame?


Niece rose to prominence after she started the “Roast Me” thread on Reddit. Although the “Roast Me” campaign started on a lighter note, it backfired triggering some harsh comments.

Even her ex-boyfriend commented!

She was uncomfortable with the comments and eventually deleted her  Reddit account.

However, she still connects to her fans via her Instagram posts and is currently an Instagram star.

Moreover, Niece has posed for several fashion magazine covers and two films, including “Project Aether” in 2011 and “The Legend of Darkhorse County” in 2014.

What is the Story with Niece Waidhofer “Roast Me” Thread

When Niece was starting off her internet career she was registered on Reddit, a top-rated entertainment platform where users can add their content and create discussions. Niece later added her photos to the “Roast me” thread, which is always loaded with lots of criticisms.

She received a lot of criticism on her appearance and personality which was quite painful for her. Probably, she expected with her exceptional attractiveness she would stir positive emotions but her expectations were wrong and she ended up deleting her profile.


Niece is rumored to be dating Mike Evans, a medical practitioner based in Dallas Texas. However, the star has not posted anything on her Instagram hinting that she is in a relationship.

Height and Body Measurements

Waidhofer is 5 feet and 3 inches tall. She weighs around 45ks and has dark brown eyes.

Also, she has a nice curved body with a 24 inches waist, 34 inches hip and 33 inches breast size.

Waidhofer’s Net Worth

Niece has earned a good amount in her modelling career. Her net worth is estimated to be $500,000 which she has amassed from her modelling career.

Besides, she gets paid for partnerships and advertisements from her sponsors.