Michelle Morgan Net Worth

Michelle Morgan was born in July 1981, making her 41 years old. She is a director, producer, and actress well recognized for her role as Debra Moynihan in Diary of the Dead (2007). You might also recall her in Heartland (from 2007), where she played the role of Samantha Louise ‘Lou’ Fleming.

Would you like to learn more about her professional career in acting and her personal life? Her net worth and how much she has made over the years? If you are interested, stay tuned and find out.

Michelle Morgan was born Michelle Laverne Morgan in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of actors Robert Guillaume and Dorothy Koster Guillaume. Her father’s career as an actor would come to influence her own choice for acting significantly. Michelle’s interest began when she joined the cast of “The Young and The Restless” at age 13.

Then in 1985, just after she graduated high school, she appeared opposite Kevin Costner in the film “Silverado.” After that experience working with professional actors who were much older than herself, she realized this was her future. With this in mind, she went back to college to study law. But Michelle continued taking classes at UCLA Film School, where one day, while sitting in class watching movies, four of her classmates asked her to join them in starting a theater company, which she did. The rest is history!

Career Beginnings

Michelle began her career as an actress in 1991 with the role of Kate Miller on “As The World Turns.” Although she was only there for a year before leaving, it wasn’t until several years later that she made another television appearance. Michelle headed out west with no more than one or two guest appearances here and there after this first time around on TV. In her endeavors, she landed roles in various movies, including “The Banger Sisters” (2002), “Conversations with Other Women” (2005), and many others. She also had some minor parts in popular shows like “Friends.” But since they were minor roles, they don’t count towards Michelle’s overall acting resume’ with just under ten performances listed on IMDB.

TV and Film Career

It wasn’t until 2008 that Michelle Morgan got her first big break on the small screen. Her breakthrough came with a role as Dr. Samantha “Sam” Kingston in The CW’s dramedy, “Privileged”. Although only lasting one season of 18 episodes, this show was enough to get people talking about what else she could do. Soon after it wrapped up, production began for another comedy-drama that brought back her name and face. It was entitled ABC Family’s “Lincoln Heights,” where she played police officer Latisha Ward alongside Stephan Collins (of SAG Award fame). After three seasons here, the series ended its run but not before bringing even more credits to Michelle’s already impressive resume’.

Michelle Morgan had a couple of roles in TV movies like “The Pregnancy Project” (2012) and shows still airing. But her next big role was not until 2013 when she began work on another ABC Family series; “Twisted.”

In the series, she played Cassidy Bridges, who had an affair with Danny Desai’s father back during his teenage years. With this show coming to an end after just one season, it seems as though there could be something bigger waiting around the corner for Michelle. She proceeded to land more lucrative roles that airlifted her name into the high echelons.

Charity Work

Michelle is famous for her charity work and has donated to several charities. They include the “Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles” and the “American Foundation.” She even started a campaign called “The Joyful Heart,” where she raises awareness about sexual assault crimes. To date, she has raised over 250 million dollars with this program.

Michelle Morgan Net Worth

Michelle’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million. She accumulated this wealth from her career as a successful actress. Furthermore, the fact that she started acting in 1999 gives her mileage in the industry.

Her net worth also includes the income she has generated over the years as a director and producer. With further developments in her career, Michelle is bound to attain greater heights in her career as an actress, producer, and director.