Meet Jon Hamm’s Girlfriend Anna Osceola

Anna Osceola is one of the most gorgeous girl celebrities that we know so far, so it’s no wonder she’s won many guys’ hearts, including Jon Hamm’s. 

Anna Osceola in Mad Man

Both of them are actors, and rather successful ones. 

Read on to find out some information about their low-profile relationship. 

Jon Hamm’s career recap

Interestingly enough, Jon Hamm’s debut role was titled ‘gorgeous guy at bar’ on IMDB, and it was in the 1997 TV series “Ally McBeal”. 

From the year 2000 to 2010, Jon took on roles in TV series such as “The Trouble with Normal”, “Providence”, “The Division”, and “What About Brian”. 

During the same course of time, he appeared in many movies, including “Space Cowboys”, “Kissing Jessica Stein”, and “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. 

In 2007, he landed his biggest role yet as he was cast for the role of Don Draper in “Mad Men”, whom he portrayed in 90+ episodes over the next 8 years. 

From 2010 to 2020, he even took on many ‘medical’ roles, playing doctor in “30 Rock”, “A Young Doctor’s Notebook & Other Stories”, and “Childrens Hospital”. 

He is set to appear in TV series such as “American Hostage”, “Good Omens”, and “The Big Lie”, all in 2022, while he also has a TV series “Grimsburg” scheduled for 2023. 

Anna Osceola’s acting roles

Despite having only 15 acting credits in her 10-year-long career, Anna Osceola is very famous due to her gorgeous features and charm. 

She started her career back in 2013, with her debut appearance in “The Jeselnik Offensive”. 

From 2003 to 2010, Anna also appeared in TV series such as “Rizzoli & Isles”, “Greek”, and “Saving Grace”, as well as in movies “Conspiracy”, “Superhero Movie”, and “An American Carol”. 

Her most recent appearances include the portrayal of Noelle in “Law & Order True Crime”, and the upcoming role in “Confess, Fletch”. 

Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola’s relationship timeline

We’re not really sure as to when exactly the two met, but we believe it took place back in 2015, when Osceola briefly joined Jon Hamm on the set of “Mad Men”. 

The two did not date for a couple of years until 2017, when we started seeing them doing all kinds of activities together, such as having dinners, playing tennis together and going out. 

Fast forward two years later and the couple officially confirmed their relationship in 2020, after nearly 3 years of dating. 

The couple is still going strong in 2022, and Jon took many opportunities so far to take his beloved Anna to all kinds of events, award ceremonies, and even parties. 

Is Anna Osceola Jon Hamm’s wife?

As of 2022, the two are yet to get married, or in that matter, get engaged even. 

Since Jon has had a 15-year-long relationship before meeting Anna, it’s uncertain when the couple would get married.