Lana Rhoades Net Worth

Lana hit the airwaves recently when she announced that she was pregnant.

You might recall Lana Rhoades as one of the highly-rated adult film stars on Pornhub.

Or maybe you remember her relationship with the narcissistic Mike Majlak.

Either way, we are here with more information about the adult-film sensation.

Here’s all you need to know about her!

Lana Rhoades Net Worth

Currently, Lana Rhoades’s net worth is about $22 million. 

She made this money through her career as an adult star, modeling, and endorsements.

For official purposes, Lana Rhoades goes by Amara Maple.

Lana Rhoades is twenty-five years old.

She was born in Chicago, Illinois, on September 26th, 1996.

She has only one sibling named Lauren, seven years younger than her.

Her mother and father were divorced when she was sixteen years old, which left her feeling lonely because, at the time, they lived together in a home by themselves.

Lana Rhoades is a name you might have seen before, but you might not know who she is yet.

She has been making porn movies ever since the age of eighteen years old.

Lana’s known for being one of the youngest pornographic actresses around today.

Was Lana Rhoades Ever Married

Before becoming an adult star, Lana was married to Jon when she was only 18-years-old.

Jon was eight years older than Lana, and their relationship didn’t last.

The reason for annulling their marriage has never come to light.


Lana Rhoades began her career as a model and started doing some hot photoshoots.

She got noticed by many people on social media, which led Lana to start working in the porn industry.

Now she is one of the most popular stars in this business.

In 2018, it was announced that Lana would starr with Keiran Lee, which marked the end of her official career in porn.

Asides from her career in the adult film industry, Lana has worked as a model and a dancer.

She modeled for Playboy, LA Direct Models, and Brazzers before quitting the industry.

In her line of work, she has won an XBIZ award and several AVN awards.

Personal Life

Most of Lana’s personal life is under wraps.

However, a lot of information about her former boyfriends and old flames is available online.

Let’s find out more about Lana’s love life below.

Mike Majlak

Mike and Rhoades were introduced in 2020.

They instantly fell in love.

However, their romance hit a snag when Majlak suspected that Rhoades was cheating on him.

These rumors came up when Rhoades was spotted getting cozy with TikTok sensation Bryce Hall.

But Hall denied these rumors, saying they were close friends.

Some screenshots of their conversations between Mike and hall came out in light of this.

Brice apologized for the incident and stated that he was drunk.

He promised to leave Majlak’s girlfriend alone.

Logan Paul

Logan is Majlak’s co-host on Impulsive, and together they make a very funny duo. 

Logan was caught up in Majlak and Lana’s breakup. 

As Majlak’s best friend and roommate, a lot of speculation came that Logan convinced Mike to leave Lana.

Lana even went to the media with the story of how Mike refused to move in with her after listening to Logan. 

And when she tried to mend her relationship with the pair, they blocked her on all social media platforms.

Did Lana Rhoades Have Plastic Surgery

Lana Rhoades is a very beautiful model known for her work in the adult industry. 

She has since retired from making porn movies, and instead, she focuses on modeling, fitness training & social media stardom.

She had no breast implants but did have a nose job before shooting scenes with any studios. 

Her agent told her she needed to get her nose done if she wanted work.

Lana Rhoades had a lip implant at 19, but it was later removed after causing problems with one of her teeth. 

This is another reason Lana retired from porn movies because producers didn’t like how her new lips looked on camera and were distracting.

While she might have quit adult content production, Lana regretted ever working in that industry because of some scenes they had to do.

We hope that she found her peace after the disheartening experience.