Who is Katy Kellner? Meet Shannon Sharpe’s Almost Wife

Katy Kellner is an America-based fitness trainer. Katy came into the limelight when she started dating Shannon Sharpe.

Shannon Sharpe is a well-known footballer from the United States.

Early life

Katy had a very simple life, just like the rest of us. There are few details of her early years on the Internet, but we have gathered some facts and information that you might want to know.

Katy was born in 1981 in the United States of America. Katy never spoke about her family and parents or anything related to her background. 


There are not enough details about her school days. She went to Elmhurst College as a student. She earned her art degree from Elmhurst College. Being good and passionately interested in her studies, she decided to go to university.

After graduating from college, she decided to attend a university in Alabama to continue her education. She then enrolled at the University of Troy and earned a Master’s in Instructional Technology.

Her career as a teacher

After completing her master’s degree in instructional technology, she decided to enter the field of teaching.

She joined the Fulton County Public School, where she started teaching and worked for almost 10 years in the educational field. Her teaching career was really enjoyable.

This shows her belonging to a common family without being followed by the media. She made a great deal of money as a teacher, which was enough for her.

Her career as a fitness trainer

In 2013, her fitness passion was revealed. She decided to take a fitness training course to go on with her career and quit teaching at Fulton County Public School. Katty is obsessed with fitness ever since she was a teenager.

No doubt she appears to be in good shape and has a good physique. She co-founded Thousand Oaks Gym in California with Marlon Byrd. Besides, she is the Regional Manager and Instructor for Flywheel Sports. 

Katy Kellner relationship with Shannon Sharpe

Katy won fame and recognition when she started hanging out with Shannon.

It was reported that Shannon and Katy had their first meeting in the fitness center. They fell in love with one another.

After some time, the couple got engaged in 2016 but never married.

They broke up in 2018.

Her relationship with Marlon Byrd

Following a certain commitment, Shannon and Katy separated.

Katy made a social media announcement about being pregnant. It was later discovered that she had an affair with Marlon Byrd.

At the end of 2018, Katy gave birth to a little boy with Marlon Byrd as his father. 

Katy and her son

Katy is a proud mom of a sweet little boy. Once her affair with Shannon ended, she married Byrd. The couple welcomed their first baby in 2018.

The baby was called Jaden Charles Byrd. Katy and Byrd live happily together with their child. As a fitness trainer, Katy has a wholesome lifestyle.

People truly want to know the secret of her beauty and fitness.

Without a doubt, it is clear that she is a passionate fitness coach who is possessive about her physique, attire, and appearance. Proper training and work out makes her look young and fresh. 

Net worth

Katy started her career as a local school teacher. She’s made quite a bit of money as a teacher. It was enough that she could live a good life. But as she changed her teaching career to the fitness coach, her passion and luck provided her with many possibilities.

She has a net value of approximately $1 million. That’s just an approximation. She lives a luxuriously happy life with her husband and child.