Jon Taffer Net Worth

Jon Taffer is an American TV character and businessman. You might remember him as the  Reality Arrangement Bar Rescue host on Paramount Network. 

Jon is also widely recognized as the brainchild of the NFL Sunday Ticket idea. 

But just how much do you know about him? If not much, here’s more about Jon Taffer, including his personal life, early life, career, and net worth!

Jon Taffer Net Worth

Jon Taffer is an American businessman with a current net worth of $14 million. He makes his money from his bars, which he is a specialist in managing. 

In fact, the businessman has made most of his fortunes from buying and selling restaurants and bars. 

He also has other income streams such as his podcast and Tv shows where he helps resuscitate bars on the brink of collapse. 

Taffer also owns a consultancy firm, Taffer Dynamics Inc, that generates him money. 

The cut-throat businessman was born Jonathan Peter Taffer in Great Neck, New York, in November 1954.

Taffer got acquainted with the business world at a tender age since he was born into a family of entrepreneurs. 

Jon graduated from high school in 1972 and enrolled in The University of Denver. While there, he studied Cultural Anthropology and Political Science before dropping out.


In the first instance, Taffer showed a lot of interest in music. He even performed as a drummer in West Hollywood while he was a bartender. 

“I was a musician when I first started, and I started managing music clubs,” Jon said in a 2015 interview.  “I went into the bar business with a musical background, being a drummer and loving music. So really, music is what got me into the bar business.”

Eventually, Jon preferred a career in bar management and opened his bar in 1989. 

At a certain stage, he ran the Troubadour, one of the most famous bars in the US. 

At this time, Taffer was also involved with other business endeavors. 

He innovated some new music tech and created the NFL Sunday Ticket concept. 

The music selection device featured over 80,000 songs indexed by tempo, energy, and tempo. And this was before digital music existed!

The concept turned out to be very beneficial for both the NFL and Taffer. 

Jon’s contribution to the NFL earned him a spot on their board for several years. 

Come 2010, Taffer re-entered the bar business. He was appointed the president of Nightclub and Bar Media Group.

Bar Rescue

In 2011, Taffer was the focal figure in Spike TV’s Bar Rescue. The show documents instances where Taffer rescues dying bars. 

Most of the bars have progressed well after taking Taffer’s advice on board. 

However, the show wasn’t all roses. Some were claimed to have been negatively impacted by the changes Jon initiated for their business models. 

The show required bars in America to fill forms for a screening process, after which the selected bars were eligible for a ‘Jon makeover.’

So good was Taffer at bar remakes that he came up with the catchphrase ‘Shut it Down!’ He used to shout this phrase in Bar Rescue. 

Still, there have been claims that the show is scripted. Some bar owners who turned up on the show also revealed that they were told to say they were hemorrhaging more money than they were. 

In 2013 Taffer and Karen Kelly co-wrote Raise The Bar: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Reactions.

The entrepreneur also developed BarHQ, a bar management app, and runs his No Excuses podcast. 

Awards and Acknowledgments

Taffer’s career began in West Hollywood as a manager at a nightclub. Later, he managed the very club.

Jon became the president of the Nightclub and Bar Media Group and also opened his bar in 2010. 

He also served as a board member on NFL Enterprises for three years as credit for inventing NFL Sunday Ticket. 

Personal Life

The businessman has been hitched twice. However, there isn’t any information about his first nuptials and spouse. 

Yet sources maintain that Taffer has a daughter from his first marriage.

After his failed marriage, Taffer married Nicole Taffer. They married in 2000 at a private ceremony and have been together since. 

You might have seen Nicole when she appeared on Bar Rescue.  

Well, there you have it, folks. The 67-year old’s wealth will only keep growing with his prospects in business.