Is Zendaya a triplet?

Have you ever heard of the supposition that you have at least seven people worldwide who look exactly like you?

Well, this was the case when Aisha Mian went viral on YouTube, with speculations that she was Zendaya’s twin. You could tell she was Zendaya’s doppelganger from her glowing skin, perfectly arched eyebrows, and curly tresses. People were ready to admit her to the Coleman family.

The rumors that Zendaya is a triplet took root when tabloids confirmed that New York-based Aisha Mian had a twin, Azra. Typically, this means Zendaya is a triplet. Or rather, she is a triplet in the eyes of the ever-speculating social media.

So, is Zendaya a triplet? Let’s check out her background and family to underline the truth.

Is Zendaya a triplet?

Zendaya is not a triplet. Neither is she adopted. She lives with her biological father and mother, with five siblings from her father’s previous relationships.

The Aisha Mian rumor is just that! A rumor.

Aisha is of Pakistani-Albanian heritage, making her the farthest from Zendaya’s kin. In fact, the internet only discovered Aisha when she imitated Zendaya’s famous video where she dances in the car.

You’ve probably seen Zendaya’s accurate rendition of No Flex Zone by Nicki Minaj and Yonce by Beyonce. Well, the talented Aisha Mian recreated it down to the dance moves and the messy bun. The internet immediately took note and started making comparisons with Zendaya.   

Who are Zendaya’s parents?

Despite the viral rumors that Zendaya was adopted, she actually lived with both her biological parents. She was born Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman to Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and Clare Stoermer in Oakland, California.

Zendaya has five other half-siblings, including three sisters: Annabella, Kaylee, and Katianna, and two brothers: Julien and Austin. Her siblings are from Coleman’s previous marriages. The now 21-year-old loves her family and mentions them severally in the media.


Even though she is just 25 years old, Zendaya is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. From her awe-inspiring performances in Euphoria and straight-faced dry humor in Spider-Man Homecoming, fans just can’t get enough.   

Whether you started liking her recently or are a “day one” fan, here are some exciting things you didn’t know about her career.

How it all started

Before her monumental roles in Hollywood, 12-year-old Zendaya featured in a Sears Commercial with Selena Gomez. The Sears Commercial also featured other Disney Stars such as Ross Lynch and Leo Howard.

The Disney star recounts her breakthrough from a small role to more important acting roles. In an interview with J-14 magazine, she said, “it’s funny where things evolved from, and it’s cool to start small.” This was an acknowledgment that although she wasn’t even the lead in the commercial, she appreciates how far she has come.

Her performance in the commercial acted as a stepping stool that propelled her to greater heights in her career. You can see this in the blockbuster deals she signed with Marvel and her role in Euphoria.

Did Zendaya always want to be an actor?

Did you know that your favorite actress could have been a teacher had she not been an actress?

Both of Zendaya’s parents are teachers. Accordingly, she interacted with the profession at a very tender age.

Her mother, Claire Stoermer, is a local hero in Oakland for her literary works when interpreting William Shakespeare. On the other hand, her father worked as a PE teacher at her grade school.

In an interview with Teen Vogue in 2016, Zendaya said that her parent’s profession gave her an appreciation for education. She admitted that “If I weren’t in entertainment, I’d be a teacher in a heartbeat- guaranteed!”

Who is Zendaya’s Boyfriend?

While the Disney Star keeps her affairs private, the internet has been abuzz with rumors that she is dating Tom Holland. Apparently, Tom, 26, and Zendaya, 25, are the real deal, and fans suspect that the relationship has been going on for some time now.

However, the two have always denied the relationship, preferring to keep it private from the prying eyes of the media. The two starred in Spiderman Homecoming, a blockbuster film in the modern movie industry.

Zendaya is not a triplet. As a celebrity, she is a trendsetter. It is no surprise that Aisha did a rendition of her video to perfection.