Is Walter the Dog Dead?

Do you remember Pana Walter? -The bull terrier dog whose facial appearance made staring memes. If not, then you probably know him by the name Walter the Dog.

In mid-2020, a post stating that Walter died made rounds on the internet with pictures showing actual bullet wounds on him. This got people looking for the truth behind these rumors. Are you one of them? Do you want to know whether Pana Walter really died or whether these were unfounded allegations?

Is Walter dead?

No! This rumor has been spread around almost every year since then, but none have turned out to be true.

But wait. Why would anyone want to endanger the life of such an innocent soul? This is because Walter’s fame has also made him a target for internet trolls and pranksters who make fake news about his death every year.

For the first time, this rumor seemed more convincing as videos online showed Walter with bullet wounds.

Additionally, some ‘haters’ wrote articles confirming that Walter died of injuries from a fight with another dog. This turned out untrue when Pana debunked it by stating that only one of their dogs named Navy Blue had died.

The rumors then became even less believable when no further updates came from any other source concerning Walter.

Walter is still alive today. What’s more, he has been featured in other internet-breaking videos. You must have seen one of him catching a fish while sinking into deep waters! This was done by Pana while he played ‘catch’ with Walter.

When Pana threw a fish for Walter to catch, the dog swam after it and gobbled it down!

There are no reliable sources proving anything about Pana’s dog dying. You can count them as rumors and speculations. As is the norm, the pranking tradition seems to renew each year. People are out to make you rethink the known facts. For some, to have their fun, and for others, to water down Walter’s mammoth following.  

Who is Walter the dog?

Walter is a bull terrier dog who became an internet sensation because of his peculiar facial appearance. He rose to fame in 2017 when Pana’s owner took him on the streets for some exercise, and videos were taken by bystanders. 

Other keen observers also maintain that Walter resembles Panthro from Thundercat’s cartoon series.

Those who saw Walter thought that he looked absolutely hilarious with his bulged eyes and under-bite mouth. With two eyes placed vertically on each side of his head, you’d think he is constantly surprised.

Soon after this viral video was posted online, it gained traction across social media. You had to have seen it on either Facebook, Instagram among others. Walter’s picture also generated hundreds of memes on social platforms.

Why is Walter famous?

Walter’s human resemblance made him an internet sensation in mid-2020. His fame shot further when rumors of his death flooded the internet. This raised concerns among many people who wondered whether this information was authentic or not. 

Given how the information spreads like wildfire over the internet, you’d have to be curious, wouldn’t you?