Is Sylvester Stallone a billionaire?

Hardly can you mention the top ten most successful and renowned American actors without mentioning Sylvester Stallone. Despite his rough childhood with less to be desired, he has been a Holywood member for four decades as a screenwriter, producer, and director.

Over the years, Stallone has accumulated wealth, placing him among the richest personalities in

 Holywood. Check out the details on how he has accumulated his net worth;

The Party at Kitty

 Stallone’s first starring role was on “The Party at Kitty.” He explains to have done this softcore adult film out of desperation as he had just been evicted from his apartment. This role paid him $200.

Although his first film roles were minor, he developed an interest in screenwriting. Inspired by Muhammad Ali versus Chuck Wepner flight  he had seen, he came up with a screenplay “Rocky.”   


Rocky is a script by Stallone about a down-and-out boxer released in 1976.  The script came into the limelight at one of his lowest moments. Having a kid on the way and merely $106 in his account, he refused to sell off his rights to the script at $330,000 as he wanted to play the role himself.

Stallone’s career came to a turning point; he gained an A-list status and world fame for his starring role.

The film earned $117 million at the box office and ten academy award nominations. The film was up against the now films like All the President’s Men, Network, and a Taxi driver, but Rocky still clinched the win. 

The script also nabbed awards for best directing and best film editing.

Stallone made a franchise out of the movie with all the Rocky franchise’s six parts earning over a billion dollars in the box office with the film’s success. 

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First Blood

Stallone launched another critical role in 1982, where he played his role as John Rambo in the action movie ‘First Blood: Rambo.’ Rambo franchise has earned him a gross of over $700 million at the office box, skyrocketing his total earnings.

Expendables and the creed

Although he was not so successful in the movies in the mid-1990, he did not fizzle in failures but flared up with his comeback in a new movie, “The Expendables and Creed.” The two films were marked as great movies in the history of the movie industry.

Stallone played the role of Barney in the series, which was released between 2010 and 2014. This earned him about $50 million.

Other roles

Slyvester has also played major acting roles which have significantly contributed to his earnings, such as “Bullet to the head” which earned him $20 million, Daylight with $17.5 million earnings and ‘Over the top’ which raked in $16 million, 

He has also done two fiction specials, “Driven” and “Eye to see you,” which streamed in $40 million, skyrocketing his earnings.

Net worth

From rags to riches! With a rough childhood Stallone likely had no idea that success was likely to come. After nearly five decades in the entertainment industry, he has among the highest-paid actors and 

Although his major success is from the action films, he has done it all, from comedies to thrillers and dramas. Despite not being part of the billionaire’s list as his net worth stands at $400 million, he is one of the iconic and determined characters. 

Interesting facts about Sylvester Stallone

He was expelled from 14 different schools

Academia didn’t sit right with Stallone as everyone has their niche.  He was prone to fights with others and starting fires at school. However, he still managed to be enrolled in a college in Switzerland.

 He did a lot of odd jobs

Before his acting career, he worked as a cleaner at the Central Park Zoo, a hairdresser, and an usher at Walter Theater.

He owes his distinctive expressions to a pair of forceps

His distinctive expressions are his trademark. At birth, Stallone was pulled by a medical intern with a pair of welding forceps. This led to his facial nerves’ severing in his lips and eyelids, which worked on later for him by giving him his unique sneer.