Is Phoebe Dynevor Returning To “Bridgerton” As Daphne?

After the grand success of seasons 1 and 2 of the popular Regency-era TV series titled “Bridgerton”, fans are speculating about the cast and the plot of the upcoming season 3. 

Netflix hit the unbelievable viewer records with their new series “Bridgerton”, which follows the novel series under the same title written by Julia Quinn. 

They officially confirmed that the show will have at least 4 seasons, each one that follows a different Bridgerton family member. 

Read on to get a sneak peek at seasons 1 & 2, as well as find out what we know about season 3. 


Bridgerton Season 5: Here’s What We Know So Far

“Bridgerton” recap of seasons 1 & 2 

Season 1 left us literally speechless and kind of angry due to the lack of communication between the main two characters, Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Beckett. 

The miscommunication trope worked out great in the end, as the two shared a romantic kiss in the rain (literally every girl’s dream). 

The second season, however, brought even more miscommunication, even more heat and passion, and more of the weekly letters by Lady Whistledown!

When it comes to the success of the second season, it broke all the Netflix records when it was viewed for 251 million hours in its first week. 

Season 3 is being created right now as we speak and compared to the period of 18 months between seasons 1 and 2, it’s probably going to air in the summer of 2023. 

Bridgerton season 3 – Everything we know so far

We’ve fallen in love with the Duke of Hastings and his devotion to ms Daphne Bridgerton elevated the Netflix acting skills to the next level. 

Then we’ve fallen in love all over again and fell even harder indeed after we witnessed Anthony Bridgerton finding fearless, fierce Kate. 

What are they going to throw our way in season 3?

We know in fact that Netflix confirmed at least 4 seasons, and they’ve also recently dropped hints about the plot, as well as the cast of the upcoming season 3. 

As for the plot, the story will follow Colin Bridgerton and his adventurous spirit as he looks for his loved one – maybe he will notice that she’s already in front of him!

Will Phoebe Dynevor and the rest of the Bridgertons return in season 3?

Yes, Phoebe Dynevor (portraying Daphne Bridgerton/Baskett), Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgerton), and many others are scheduled to return once again.

However, a single member of the Bridgerton family will be replaced officially – Francesca Bridgerton was portrayed by Stokes in seasons 1 & 2. 

It seems that Ruby Stokes landed a very important and grand role in the upcoming Netflix series titled “Lockwood & Co.”, which will result in her departure from “Bridgerton”. 

She is officially replaced by Hannah Dodd, and we’re looking forward to seeing the younger siblings grow up and perhaps become diamonds of the season!