Is Laura Prepon a Scientologist?

In this article, we’re going to discover if Laura Prepon is a Scientologist or not. If so, what inspired her to accept this religion? But before we get into this discussion, we’re going to do a short introduction of Laura Prepon, and then a little bit of Scientology.

UPDATE: Laura Prepon no longer practices Scientology. In her latest interview, she confirmed that religion isn’t a part of her life anymore.

Laura Prepon is a well-known American actress, filmmaker, and writer. She is a satellite-award-winning television actress. Laura was recognized around the world for her role as Donna in a television show entitled “The 70’s Show”. Laura Prepon is known as a staunch supporter of Scientology.

Moreover, Scientology is a religion where they believe that everyone has a mind and a body to represent himself, but their mind is the true self with positive thoughts. The faith was founded by L.Ron Hubbard in 1952. According to their belief, Xeno whom they claim their god proceeded to earth with a spaceship of millions of people. He is said to have killed his people while some of them survived and repopulated the planet. According to Scientologists, Xenu resides among us in a physical body.

Furthermore, Scientology refers to practical problems, even if the beliefs come from science. If anyone wants to know more about Scientology, they have to pay a large sum to get an excess to that religion. Well, the ultimate purpose of Scientology is genuine spiritual enlightenment and freedom. 

People who believe in Scientology generally do not believe in life after death. Laura Prepon is an avid supporter of Scientology. She has belonged to the Church of Scientology since 1999. She had a long discussion about religion in an interview with Celebrity magazine, which is affiliated with the church and serves to promote its members.

Laura was born in New Jersey on 7 March 1980. Laura started her acting career when she was a teenager because of family problems. Her dad died when she was only thirteen. She started working as a model and actress at the same time as her studies to make some money. Also, Laura appeared in many movies and TV roles in the following decade. Difficult times and hard work have caused Laura many problems that have impacted her inner peace. 

Laura has been an ardent supporter of Scientology since 1999. In an interview, she stated that she has been a member of the Church of Scientology for a long time. Her co-star Danny Masterson is also a Scientologist. It is said that it was Masterson who introduced Laura to Scientology. It was the desire for peace, spiritual gratification, positive thoughts, and a healthy impact that pushed Laura towards Scientology. 

While talking about the joining of the Church, Laura stated that it was unbelievable, and she felt like something was finally speaking about what is going on in her mind. She said she can sense the positivity in her life after having joined the Church. The actress even gives Scientology credit for helping her handle her role as Alex in Orange Is the New Black. She says that religion has helped her do her best in film.

Another interesting fact is that Tom Cruise is a committed Scientologist. He inspired many individuals to adopt this religion simply to satisfy their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. There is no doubt that he has encouraged a great number of people around the world to choose this religion. Laura Prepon is one of those influencers. 

According to Laura, she was inspired by Scientology to be the best version of herself. She has changed herself as a human being, as a Scientologist. Besides, Laura said in the conversation that she has made several positive improvements in her personality and gained some peace of mind along with spiritual satisfaction after embracing Scientology. Her belief in Scientology was found to be inspiring. Laura admitted that she had a positive and significant influence on her acting career when she was affiliated with the Church of Scientology. 

Most people are inspired by celebrities and their belief in Scientology makes an impact on their lives and encourages them to opt for that religion. People are usually inspired by Scientology from their favorite celebrities and certainly, people who seek spiritual value and gratitude accept this religion.

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