Is Jordana Brewster related to Vin Diesel?

When talented action figure Vin Diesel called Jordana Brewster his ‘best sister’ the internet was ablaze with rumors and half-truths.

Some factions concluded that Brewster was Vin’s sister. Others analyzed the video with the third eye, stating that the two were dating.

But in the film, Brewster plays Mia Toretto, Diesel’s sister! A lot of confusion emanated from the actor’s Instagram post.

To avert the confusion and understand the relationship between Brewster and Vin Diesel, keep reading this post.

Who is Jordana Brewster?

Brewster was born in Panama City, Florida. She is the daughter of Cuban parents Don and Nydia Brewster, professional Latin dancers on the Broadway circuit.

Her mother worked as a dance teacher while her father worked for a telephone company.

Since she ventured into acting, she has made over 20 movies! One example is Fast & Furious, which also stars Vin Diesel.

In 2012, she co-starred with Selena Gomez in Monte Carlo, where they play best friends that run off together during spring break.

There are many more big roles ahead for this talented actress too.

Who is Vin Diesel?

Vin Diesel is a famous actor and producer. He’s known for his roles in The Fast & Furious films, Pitch Black, xXx: Return of Xander Cage and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Vin was born on July 18th, 1967. He grew up with two younger siblings (a brother and sister), and both parents were Puerto Rican-born Americans. His parents later immigrated to New York City from Puerto Rico due to World War II.

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The talented action figure was raised in New York and spent most of his early life there. He moved out at age 17. 

During those years growing up, Vin wanted nothing more than to become an actor but didn’t think that it could be possible. Diesel’s ability was shrouded in doubt because there were no actors or actresses within their family tree.

However, when he ventured into acting, his career gained traction, and he has become one of the most famous action figures today!

Is Jordana Brewster related to Vin Diesel?

The actor and the actress are actually not related. While they play brother and sister in Fast and Furious, this is all there is to it.

This is a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point during one of the movies. After seeing their names side by side on an opening credit scroll, you have to wonder whether they are related. Furthermore, when you notice, their characters seem to share more than just a passing resemblance with each other.

Vin Diesel’s Instagram post showing love for his ‘best sister’ was a mere nudge. The actor meant that she was his sister in the film and not in real life. His real sister is Samantha Vincent, who is a well-known producer in the film industry. She is happily married with children.

Related or not, Vin Diesel and Jordana Brewster sure know how to keep you glued to the screen. They show the importance of family in action-filled twists that will have you on your toes, waiting for the next scene!