Is Greg Fishel Separated?

Like most celebrities, Greg Fishel tries to keep his love and personal life private. It’s no wonder that most of his fans are curious about his love life. Is he still married, divorced, dating, or separated?

Is Greg Fishel still married?

No, he is not. Greg Fishel divorced Kathy Englehardt in 2020.

Greg Fishel was married to his long-time wife, Kathy Englehardt. Kathy and Greg met in 1985an later got married in 1989.  Their relationship was close to perfect, with their two sons Brandon and Austin, present to accompany them.

The couple’s bonding was a fairytale that spanned for a long time. Unfortunately, after 30 years of marriage, things went haywire, and they separated in January 2020.

News about their divorce came out through Facebook, which most people found hard to believe. Currently, Greg is Single, and there are no rumors that he is dating anyone.

Greg Fishel’s Career Details

Greg Fishel’s career started at WMDT in Salisbury, Maryland, as a broadcast meteorologist. He served there until June 1981 and later moved to WRAL-TV of Raleigh-Durham in June 1981.

Greg was honored with an American Meteorological Society award in 1985 for his broadcasting excellence. He later got a promotion as the Chief Meteorologist replacing Bob DeBardelaben in 1989.

Besides, he received the 2000’s Emmy Award of the National Academy of Television Arts and Science for hurricane special from the Midsouth Region. He also steered the American Meteorological Society Broadcast Board Committee to develop the  100-question exam for the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Program.

He later resigned from his position at WRAL-TV in February 2019. The company cited the reason for his resignation as a ‘personnel matter.’

Fishel’s Net worth

Serving for about four decades in climate news can be challenging, but Greg has always done it with a positive attitude and smile all along. In return, he has earned fame and fortune along the way.

Fishel’s net worth stands at $2 million, with his primary source of income being journalism.  Fishel is a workaholic and loves to spend most of his time working rather than going to exotic places. Some of his hobbies include research and reading.  

Besides, his annual income stands at $64k annually, although his assets are a secretive box till now.

Interesting Facts about Greg Fishel

Greg is a native of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and he later moved to Raleigh, North Carolina.

He had taken a medical leave from February to March 22 in 2018 due to bad health conditions.

In 2017 through one of his Facebook posts, he claimed to quit golf since while playing with his son, the game turned too competitive, which resulted in him returning home angry. He said playing golf is for enjoyment but not for getting angry.