Is Eminem the Fastest Rapper in the World?

When talking about rap music, we all definitely bring up Eminem because he is indeed the rap god or rap king and the world knows him as the fastest rapper alive. But is he really the fastest one to this date or did someone else steal away his title? 

Short Bio

Eminem also known as Marshal Bruce Mathers is an American singer and songwriter who holds the title of being the fastest rapper. He’s currently 48 years old and has a whopping net worth of 230 million dollars. He is one of the best artists out there and his albums have made billions. 

His fame certainly comes from his speed of words and as it is recorded, he can actually say 7 words in one second! Can you believe that? Because an average person only speaks around 1 to 2 words per second! 

But is there anyone out there faster than him? 

Eminem as a rapper 

His new album Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD gained extreme popularity and set multiple records. That was because of his phenomenal rapping speed which made a record of 7.23 words per second. The world and his fans know him for his speed with words and syllables however, the shocking part comes in when people hear how Eminem isn’t marked as the fastest rapper by the Guinness book of world records. With his speed in Godzilla, the recorders are still yet to examine the entire scenario based on the average speed over a few seconds. But it is still unclear whether Eminem will hold the title of being the world’s fastest with his words.

As for now, it is clear how the book of records holds the name of Twista as the world’s fastest. He was named given this title back in 1992 and he still has it under his name. You would be astonished at the fact that he can rap 598 syllables in just 55 seconds. 

Since Eminem is widely known and more popular than Twista, it is not a hidden truth that Twista is indeed faster in the rap game than Eminem as marked by the recorders. However, with Eminem’s current album out, people have mixed views over the entire situation because it is evident how he has rapped 224 words and 330 total syllables in just 31 seconds. So the Guinness people yet have a survey to makeover Eminem’s new album and it is only then that it would be certain if he is the fastest. 

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Even though Eminem does not have the title of the world’s fastest rapper, he certainly has other titles and records on his list that are evidence that he has the speed and the talent in him. He has the title of the world’s fastest verse ever rapped and the good part here is that he has earned this award three times for different songs that he has featured in. He also owns the title of a rap song that has the most words. His song rap god has 1560 words which is way more than any other song lyrics out there. Most songs have words even less than 200 and compared to that, a 1560 is an amazing record in a 3 to 4 min song. 

There’s no doubt in the fact that with such stamina of rapping, Eminem must have enough lung capacity and toned vocal cords to manage songs with verses at such high speed. It takes a lot of effort and practice before getting a song recorded because it is only natural to re-do the entire thing if you mess up a single syllable. 

So even if in 2021 Eminem doesn’t hold the title of being the fastest rapper yet, he is indeed one of the fastest and the best rappers out there with multiple hits and we wonder if he speaks as fast as he raps!